Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last day

I am sooo sad that it is my last day to see Zeb for at least a month and a half - probably more! I am heading back to the baby house this morning and then again in the afternoon. I can't wait to post some pictures. Saule thinks my court date will be this friday or monday...after I am officially zeb's mom I can post my pictures of us! I don't really have that many other pictures from this trip - sorry. There is a yurt in the front yard of the asia mountain guest house that i have pictures of. Evidently you can rent it for barbecues!

So there are a few things I have analyzed further about Bishkek. The driving makes perfect sense. It seems fun. On the surface it is chaotic - but it really makes sense. Everyone is alert and on their game in the car and when accidents happen you just take care of it yourself. There is no way to drive and talk on you cell phone that is for sure!

There are ants in the hotel...but that is ok - there are certainly bigger, scarier bugs to live with! The hotel is also right next to railroad tracks and trains come bypretty regularly. I happen to like the sound of trains so it wasn't a problem for me. Also the walls are very thin and you hear everything going on in the next room....that wasn't a problem until last night! Even though I did figure out the shower....it is not such a refreshing experience! I am looking forward to a long, hot bath in my hotel room in Philadelphia tomorrow night!

Somtimes even when people speak english - i have no idea what they mean. I suppose I knew that already - but seriously the words come out and I understand the words but no idea what the meaning is.

I am going to reread my babyhouse posts and try todescribe it better - catch all of the things I missed.


Mala said...

Have a safe trip home! WHEW! That was a whirlwind trip (and I was only experiencing it via my computer!)

tina said...

wow....already winding down. I cannot imagine. Day three I was just getting up to speed. I am so excited this is happening though Michelle. Isn't it funny how it's all so slow and such a whirlwind all at the same time????

Michelle said...

I totally feel like I am just getting up to speed. Today is the first day that I actually feel like I could do some sight seeing and instead I am packing up to leave! ALthough I will be glad for a hot nonstinky bath tomorrow night!

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