Friday, May 18, 2007

made it

Here is the view from the stupid shuttle I sat in for an hour before I though my temper tantrum about getting to the hotel!
I made it home though! Lets see any highlights from my flights. Besides the drunken US Army people on their way home and the rowdy Georgia National Football team that got on the plane in Tblisi - the first leg of the journey was pretty uneventfull....loud and rowdy, but uneventful. Be forewarned, however, that when you get to London - they don't trust the bishkek security so you are not allowed back into the terminal until you go through security again which took over an hour. So don't cut any connections too short in london! The flight to Philadelphia was nice except for the snoring 250 pound man sitting next to me. I went to the bathroom and could still hear him snoring like 10 rows back and through the bathroom door. I did watch Eragon, 2 harry potter movies, music and lyrics and the first half of The Holiday ( I saw the second half on the way to london) I love the movies on demand. They just had channels you could swith between on the way to London and I definitely prefer movies on demand.
It is really nice to be home...but now I have to start getting back into life - you know balance my checkbook, clean my room. Unpack from the move 2 weeks ago and start repacking for my big move to Alabama in 5 weeks. It is soooo anticlimactic. I really wish I could have brought him back with me...I signed up for a one trip process darnit!
It looks like it will technically be a one trip process because my agency and I have gotten permission to use an escort. The facilitators in Bishkek want to set up a system so that all of the families who adopt babies will have the option of an escort. Since everyone has to go for the first short trip. Being the first isn't all it is cracked up to be though. They don't know for sure who will be the escort - they have someone in mind but they aren't 100% sure and they don't know 100% how to navigate the entire escort process - but they do have official approval from Almaty and Bishkek. If the whole escort thing has not worked out by the end of July - I will probably make the second trip in August. It stinks to have to wait so long!
I didn't hear from anyone about court - so I probably haven't had my day in court yet. As soon as I do, though, my favorite pictures of Zeb are going up for the world to see!


Shea said...

I can't wait to see the pics! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and they'll get that escort thing worked out :)

It was pitch black when we got to the airport so I never knew what it looked like... thanks for the pic :)

Kara said...

Welcome home, Michelle!!! I can't thank you enough for sending pictures of our little one. I hope the escort idea works out and happens in time for you. Hang in there!

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