Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not Much Happening!

Still Waiting for my daughter to come back from her Dad's house. I know she is having a great time and I am really glad she is able to spend a couple of weeks at a time there - but boy do I miss her. I bet she has grown a lot in the last 3 weeks! She comes home in less than a week - hurray! I am so excited for her to come home - hope she remembers me! Haha.

I am on call tonight at the VA and then on the first I start a super cushy rotation at a private hospital in Tucson. I have 6 calls next month - unfortunately I am on at least one day of every weekend this month so I don't get a weekend off all month! The good thing is that it is home call which means I don't have to be physically present at the hospital for the entire 24 hours - i have to round and I have to come in if there is a consult or an emergency of some sort. I have heard from other people that it is a pretty nice month. Plus, my last day is a post call Sunday.
I actually did this particular surgery rotation as a medical student and it was pretty nice. I had a great intern though...he was a super cute, laid back, blond, outdoorsy guy from McGill who was going into Radiology. Can't remember his name - but he was a total babe. So needless to say, I am hoping to spend lots of time with my daughter this month. We have to start packing - we already have a full house of toys in Alabama and at least another full house of toys here...It is going to be a real challenge to try to whittle my daughter's stuff down to a manageable amount!

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