Thursday, May 31, 2007

older woman

I nearly had a heart attack today. I was watching something random on tv at work and they were talking about "cougars" which is a euphemism for may - december romances where the woman is december and the man is may. The narrator said...."Older women, over the age of 35, and younger men". OMG...when did I become an older woman. Hyperventilating....or maybe it is just some dyspnea on exertion, CHF, etc. It is one thing if they said it like a comparison...the woman is older than the man....but they didn't - it was said like older as in not young and fresh as a daisy. I'm not ready!


lara said...

at 37 i do not class myself as an older women either !!

mala said...

Gotta love the media!
Hey, I thought the 30's is the new 20's!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I remember the day I realized I was too old to be on The Real World, not that I ever applied, but it was still a sad day.

Michelle said...

I totally remember that day too!!!!

Mala said...

I'm still ticked that I'm too old for "America's Next Top Model"!
Oh yeah, and too short..... and too fat.
Oh well, maybe in my next life.

Julie & John Wright said...

I remember my mother in law refering to herself as middle aged, I piped up, how many people do you know that live to 130 ?

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