Saturday, May 5, 2007


I am working on orange today.....This is cute....but totally not $62.50 cute. I may focus on booties today - boy that could be taken out of context! It is an all day at the VA day and there is only minimal work to be done. I already balanced my checkbook and went through my I am going to be soooo broke hyperventilation (which I go through every time I balance my checkbook) - so there is really nothing left to do by window shop on the internet and eat all of the junkfood I brought in with me today.
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I will be done with my first full year of being a doctor and my only year of being a surgery resident (thank goodness). I have learned a lot and worked A LOT. I am so glad to be moving to Alabama and starting anesthesiology.
Now all I need is my super cute new son and to win the lottery...someone buy a a powerball ticket for today's drawing for me! If I win I will buy orange terry cloth rompers for everyone!


lara said...

The orange romper is so cute, but im with you on the price not so cute!!

Shea said...

Some of the kids clothes out there are outrageously expensive! But that is definitely too cute.

Orange is Xander's best color... he even wore it to the ER yesterday to have his noggin stitched up (that was a fun trip at 6am) and everyone commented on how great it looked on him.

I hyperventilate everytime I deal with money....

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