Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Trip

So I officially leave on Friday afternoon. My daughter and I leave for New Orleans at 330pm and get there about 10pm local time. She will be spending the next 2 1/2 weeks with her dad there. She is so NOT looking forward to it. Everytime we talk about packing or the trip she cries and says "no mommy, I want to stay in Arizona - don't make me go". So that sucks. I am sure once she sees her dad in the airport she will be happy - but it is only making the preparation that much more stressfull.

I leave from New Orleans at 1030am to DFW. Leave DFW at 420 pm arrive London Gatwick at 720 am. Then leave from Heathrow at 3pm and arrive in Bishkek 515am local time. Which when you figure in the time differences isn't so bad. It is like 25 hours of travelling....pishaw - that's nothing!

I have absolutely no idea what my itinerary is once I am in Bishkek. I know my hotel has a shuttle to pick me up and I am guessing at some point - hopefully early- I will go to the baby house and give zebastian a ton of kisses. I am talking to my coordinator tomorrow and hopefully I will find out a little bit more of what to expect when I am there!

73 hours later at 845 am I leave Bishkek for London arrive there 245pm, leave for Philidelphia at 415 and arrive there at 730 pm. I stay the night in Philadelphia and head to DFW and home to Tucson the next am - arriving in Tucson at noon-ish. I suppose I had better find a hotel for Philadelphia. I think I will need one!

I am going to try to post while I am over there and I plan on taking a truckload of pictures....I have my extra battery and my extra memory - I'm ready!


Mala said...

WOW! Not just changing planes, but changing AIRPORTS! That's what I call a world traveler!Wishing you a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures!

tina said... ARE ready Michelle. I'm nothing but thrilled and excited and can't wait to hear all about it. I can't wait for you to see your son. The traveling is just a little bump in the road once you see his little face. I am SO thinking about you the next several days.


Jackie said...

Wishing you a safe journey to Zeb. Can't wait to see pictures and read your updates. Enjoy!

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