Monday, June 18, 2007

Packing for the move!

So I move to Alabama in 6 days. I have NOTHING packed. Nothing. I am postcall today so my plan is to pack I am out of work for 1 1/2 hours and as you can see.....I am posting on this blog instead of packing. I am going to pack though....I am!
I can not believe how many toys my daughter has. It is completely insane. I have to pack them today. I am going to stage it. I am going to do all of the toys I haven't seen her play with in a week....otherwise known as all of the toys that are actually put away. Then I am going to separate out the toys she plays with a lot and keep them in a rubbermaid container. Then I am going to pack everything else. Undoubtedly the first thing she is going to say when she gets home from school is that she wants to play with the very first toy I packed!
I want to get everything done before Friday because my supercute and really great boyfriend is flying into town Friday night and he is going to drive with us. I don't want to waste prime saturday miniature golf and bookstore time packing - yuck! I am on call on Saturday so I have to stay in town until early Sunday morning. Probably around 6am - ish.
It is going to be a long drive with a 3 year old! I am thinking short-ish days (8-9 hours of driving) and hotels with good swimming pools for wearing her out!

I just love the pictures that Sloan sent me....Zebastian looks good in bright pink. He looks so strong holding his little torso upright. I can't wait to bring him home. My life is soooooo totally fantastic right now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thanks Sloan!

Sloan was so nice to send me some new pictures of Zebastian! YEAH! There seems to be a lot of pink clothing at the orphanage! I think he looks really healthy. No smile for the camera - his photogenic sister will have to train him on that one! Pretty soon he will be hamming it up like the rest of us!
It may be possible that my pick up trip may coincide with other families pick up trips in August - I am hopefull to meet some other adoptive parents while I am over there!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Disturbing and Misinformed

Evidently my input to the yahoo forum is disturbing and misinformed. I was pittied several weeks ago for not knowing that my dossier was going to be rejected for having comparitively old documents "poor girl you are so misinformed". Turns out my agency was not lying to me - the time frame of documents expiring is agency specific not country specific. How am I so sure - because my adoption was finalized with my "old" documents. Now I am disturbing people because my coordinator told me on Thursday that Adoption Alliance is not experiencing a slow down until the fall like was posted on Adoption Options website.
Everybody likes the agency they are working with - they are all good agencies and people pick them for various reasons. I am not trying to diss anyone's agency choice or trying to make anyone feel bad. I am just trying to represent the process as I am experiencing it and I am just trying to keep information in the forum about the process with adoption alliance and what little I know about Nightlight (that uses the same coordinator at the specialized children's home in Bishkek).
Maybe the slow down is related to the new rule that adoption alliance enacted about being in the same state as the adoptive family that Frank did not adopt. Maybe Adoption Alliance just hasn't been informed yet that their adoptions are going to be put on hold. I don't know - I am just trying to contribute and I am tired of my experiences being marginalized and contested. So I am done posting on the yahoo forum for kyrgyzstan adoptions. I will probably keep reading it and will PM people who have questions about adoption alliance or my experiences - but I am too busy to deal with the negativity - Life is too short!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Nothing New

So it has been awhile since I posted anything. There really won't be much more adoption news...I am just waiting until this little countdown clock hits zero!
I did meet up with a fellow adoptive mom on Saturday to do some serious babies r us damage! She lives about an hour and a half south of Tucson and came into town for the afternoon. Her new daughter is in Zeb's orphanage but in the other baby room - we share the same court date for finalization! It was so much fun to have a real person to gab with about the process and the kids and all of the crazy emotions this process creates. This is written by someone who started crying over hamburgers while talking about one of the kids at the babyhouse! I would be totally lost without the awesome online community for kyrgyzstan adoptions (read kyrgyzstanadoption yahoo forum!), but it was soooooo wonderful to make a real live connection. I hope that down the road I can make more real life connections with Zeb in tow....I am coming for you Tina! haha. Shannon - you can run but you can't hide!

This month I am working at a private hospital in Tucson and it has been pretty nice. The hours are much better so far this month and I am hoping those hours continue! My daughter comes back from New Orleans today so I can give her lots of hugs and maybe get some sleep - finally!
I am hoping she gets here in time to go to the miniature golf place. Their flight was delayed so I am not 100% sure when they will get in.

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