Monday, June 18, 2007

Packing for the move!

So I move to Alabama in 6 days. I have NOTHING packed. Nothing. I am postcall today so my plan is to pack I am out of work for 1 1/2 hours and as you can see.....I am posting on this blog instead of packing. I am going to pack though....I am!
I can not believe how many toys my daughter has. It is completely insane. I have to pack them today. I am going to stage it. I am going to do all of the toys I haven't seen her play with in a week....otherwise known as all of the toys that are actually put away. Then I am going to separate out the toys she plays with a lot and keep them in a rubbermaid container. Then I am going to pack everything else. Undoubtedly the first thing she is going to say when she gets home from school is that she wants to play with the very first toy I packed!
I want to get everything done before Friday because my supercute and really great boyfriend is flying into town Friday night and he is going to drive with us. I don't want to waste prime saturday miniature golf and bookstore time packing - yuck! I am on call on Saturday so I have to stay in town until early Sunday morning. Probably around 6am - ish.
It is going to be a long drive with a 3 year old! I am thinking short-ish days (8-9 hours of driving) and hotels with good swimming pools for wearing her out!

I just love the pictures that Sloan sent me....Zebastian looks good in bright pink. He looks so strong holding his little torso upright. I can't wait to bring him home. My life is soooooo totally fantastic right now.


Shannon said...

Holy Cow-that came quick! Isn't it amazing how things just sort of fall into place after a period of complete chaos! I am so happy for all of you. Now, let's hear more about this hunky new man! (Not Zebby, the other one)

Kara said...

What? Still packing? Nothing like the last minute for that boost of motivation. Hope you have a safe and as fun as possible trip. Glad things are going well!

Jackie said...

Good luck with packing and with your cross country move. At least you'll have some good company ;) Keep us posted.

lara said...

good luck with the move.

mbt said...

When you write of bookstore, I know you mean Borders. Good luck with the drive. Isobel is teling everyone we come within 10 feet of that she is going to her cousins house and her aunt michelle will have a swing set. See you in a couple of weeks.

Tina Michalik said...

Isn't life great when you get a new boyfriend right before a interstate move? Yippeeeee!!

I love the pictures of Zeb, especially with the little kerchief on his head with the pink outfit. Where are you on the comfy clothes situation??

Michelle said...

oh tina...can you ever have enough zutanos? I think not. I did realize today that I have no booties....well ok I have a pair of sock monkey booties....but that's it. Comfykids is calling my name!
by the way 2 hours just wasted instead of packing! I stink.

Michelle said...

OH MBT I am sooooo busted! Borders isn't close by and you know you are jumping ship! We are going to have a swing set and a super fun sprinkler thing to play in too - it will be trouble!

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