Saturday, July 28, 2007

One more week

I am frantically trying to get my life organized....still! I can't believe how completely disorganized I am. After all of the rave reviews for the Hotel Otrar (sarcasm) I decided to try to book us rooms at the Hotel Grand Eurasion or something like that at because my friend and fellow bishkek adoptive parent recommended it. However, I haven't heard back from them and I haven't yet booked anything we could be staying on the street in Almaty for 2 nights - yippee!
Work is beating me down for sure - i feel like an idiot about 98% of the time I am at work and that sucks.
My daughter is going to her dad's tomorrow for the next 3 weeks. I am going to miss her terribly - but I am going to have time to get some stuff done at the house and actually start preparing a nursery for Zeb! I am anticipating nursery by Wednesday. I am such a dreamer.
I have so much more going on - I will blog about that during my 9 hour layover in London in a week...OMG I am soooo unprepared for Zeb to come home. you would think I would be totally prepared. My move and all of the changes has really thrown me into a tailspin. UGGGG.

I will remain calm.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Busy- busy

I started my new job on July 2nd and have been soooo overwhelmed. If my new job was the absolutely only thing in my life I would still be overwhelmed. There are so many new things I have to learn - it is completely different than anything else I have ever done and it is totally exhausting. My hours are fewer and I am not taking any call this month - but I get home completely exhausted. it is all I can do to give my daughter a bath and eat. I have so many things on my plate right now and I can barely even think about them - much less get them done. I am taking a stardized test today and hopefully with my superhuman standardized test taking speed - I will have some time this afternoon to get some stuff done around the house. I still don't have a dining room or anykind of toy storage for the playroom. I don't have anything for Zebastian's room yet. I barely have a room for zebastian because all of my daughters toys are just everywhere!
I did, however, finally make my reservations for travelling to get Zeb! yeah!!!! We are taking British Air to Bishkek on August 4th (arriving Aug 6th). We are staying in Bishkek that night - although we have not yet successfully booked a hotel for that night - the Asia Mountain Guest house is full.....sob sob. I am hoping that the Ak Keme has rooms. Early Aug 7th we drive to Almaty and start that part of the trip. I think we are going to stay at the Hotel Otrar - the other family that is travelling at the same time as us wants to stay there and I have heard at least one good review....if anyone has heard terrible things about it - let me know tout suite! We are heading home on August 10 on BA from Almaty. We have to stay that night in beautiful Newark, NJ. So another weeklong whirlwind trip half way around the world for me! I am so excited to carry my son back in the cute little hotslings I purchased like a million years ago (at least it seems that long ago!)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yes I am still alive!!!

New pictures of Zebastian....well kind of new - they are from Cindy in May. He looks so happy - I can't wait to make him laugh too- and give him lots of hugs.
I am officially travelling with another family whose new daughter is in Zeb's baby room. I am very excited about that. I love the idea of travelling with another family. It will be fun. They will already be in Bishkek - we will get there on Monday the 6th, pick him up and leave for Almaty on the 7th. Do all of the embassy stuff and head home on the 10th. I got the on call adoption doctor number, some scripts for antibiotics (zithromax), some hydrocortisone cream, delicious scabies cream and a list of appropriate over the counter stuff to bring. I also made him his first adoption doctor appointment for the 20th of August.
There is some question if I have to get an entirely new home study for Alabama and redo my immigration clearance in the next month - that is not stressfull at all. I will find out on Monday when I talk to someone at adoption alliance who is on vacation until Monday.
My move has been very very stressfull! I have a giant list of things to do and I have been in Alabama since last wednesday and have barely marked anything off the list of things to do. I did make a significant dent in my list yesterday when I was supposed to be in orientation. I finally got the cost for visas to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan so they can be overnighted today or tomorrow. In a surprise move I don't have to expedite anything - it is very exciting. I heard from my coordinator that it is super cheap to get the kyrygzstan visa at the airport and I love the idea of super cheap.....but I just can't forget how on my first trip the visa issuer guy wasn't there and everyone without a visa was waiting to get into the country for hours. After waiting 9 months - a couple more hours would kill me!
My new job is totally stressing me out - but that is an obsessive late night anxiety post waiting to happen in the near future!

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