Saturday, July 14, 2007

Busy- busy

I started my new job on July 2nd and have been soooo overwhelmed. If my new job was the absolutely only thing in my life I would still be overwhelmed. There are so many new things I have to learn - it is completely different than anything else I have ever done and it is totally exhausting. My hours are fewer and I am not taking any call this month - but I get home completely exhausted. it is all I can do to give my daughter a bath and eat. I have so many things on my plate right now and I can barely even think about them - much less get them done. I am taking a stardized test today and hopefully with my superhuman standardized test taking speed - I will have some time this afternoon to get some stuff done around the house. I still don't have a dining room or anykind of toy storage for the playroom. I don't have anything for Zebastian's room yet. I barely have a room for zebastian because all of my daughters toys are just everywhere!
I did, however, finally make my reservations for travelling to get Zeb! yeah!!!! We are taking British Air to Bishkek on August 4th (arriving Aug 6th). We are staying in Bishkek that night - although we have not yet successfully booked a hotel for that night - the Asia Mountain Guest house is full.....sob sob. I am hoping that the Ak Keme has rooms. Early Aug 7th we drive to Almaty and start that part of the trip. I think we are going to stay at the Hotel Otrar - the other family that is travelling at the same time as us wants to stay there and I have heard at least one good review....if anyone has heard terrible things about it - let me know tout suite! We are heading home on August 10 on BA from Almaty. We have to stay that night in beautiful Newark, NJ. So another weeklong whirlwind trip half way around the world for me! I am so excited to carry my son back in the cute little hotslings I purchased like a million years ago (at least it seems that long ago!)


Mom to 2 Angels said...

We stayed at the Otrar. The standard rooms are way too small. I would highly recommend upgrading to a junior suite, we had plenty of room then. There are only 2 suites, so I would request it now. The suites are farther from the "bars" as well. Otherwise, you will have to cut the smoke with a knife. They have little bars on each floor. The food was just ok, it is the exact same buffet for all 3 meals. It was clean and there is free internet access if you are in a suite. There is a money exchange in the hotel lobby. Congrats on making your reservations!

Shea said...

Definitely try to get a suite. We were supposed to have a suite but they somehow gave ours away... so we opted to change hotels. The regular rooms are tiny... once they put the crib in the room there was literally no room to walk except at the foot of the bed and even then we had to crab-walk between the beds and furniture.

We stayed at the Grand Tien Shan. It's pricey (it was the only hotel with a vacancy when we were there due to some international conference), but if you do go there be sure to ask for one of the side suites (on the side hall not on the front or back of the building) as the way they have the AC set up those side hall rooms are the only ones that actually get cool (take too long to explain just trust me on it!). There's a lot of great stuff within walking distance (several great restaurants and a really cool underground (literally) children's store plus several parks).
I'm so excited that you've got travel dates! It's not going to be too much longer!!

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

We were originally supposed to stay at the Otrar, and actually spent one night. You really have no idea how small these rooms are until you see them for yourself. They only had 2 suites and we had 3 couples total, so that didn't work for us. We ended up switching hotels and stayed in a Jr. Suite at the Astana, which cost only slightly more than the Jr. Suite at the Otrar (Jr.Suite at Otrar = $240 Jr. Suite at Astana = $270). Warning - many places will tell you they are full until you show up in person and then they magically find you a room. Astana was awesome. Whatever you do - do NOT go to Alma Alta hotel. Not good!

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