Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yes I am still alive!!!

New pictures of Zebastian....well kind of new - they are from Cindy in May. He looks so happy - I can't wait to make him laugh too- and give him lots of hugs.
I am officially travelling with another family whose new daughter is in Zeb's baby room. I am very excited about that. I love the idea of travelling with another family. It will be fun. They will already be in Bishkek - we will get there on Monday the 6th, pick him up and leave for Almaty on the 7th. Do all of the embassy stuff and head home on the 10th. I got the on call adoption doctor number, some scripts for antibiotics (zithromax), some hydrocortisone cream, delicious scabies cream and a list of appropriate over the counter stuff to bring. I also made him his first adoption doctor appointment for the 20th of August.
There is some question if I have to get an entirely new home study for Alabama and redo my immigration clearance in the next month - that is not stressfull at all. I will find out on Monday when I talk to someone at adoption alliance who is on vacation until Monday.
My move has been very very stressfull! I have a giant list of things to do and I have been in Alabama since last wednesday and have barely marked anything off the list of things to do. I did make a significant dent in my list yesterday when I was supposed to be in orientation. I finally got the cost for visas to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan so they can be overnighted today or tomorrow. In a surprise move I don't have to expedite anything - it is very exciting. I heard from my coordinator that it is super cheap to get the kyrygzstan visa at the airport and I love the idea of super cheap.....but I just can't forget how on my first trip the visa issuer guy wasn't there and everyone without a visa was waiting to get into the country for hours. After waiting 9 months - a couple more hours would kill me!
My new job is totally stressing me out - but that is an obsessive late night anxiety post waiting to happen in the near future!


Mala said...

What wonderful pictures!!!! Glad to see you've resurfaced!

Anonymous said...

I know that this is a strangle place to post this comment, but can anyone help me get access to the Kyrg yahoo blog? I have applied and haven't received any feedback from the moderator.

My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Kyrg. ANy suggestions for gaining access:

Michelle said...

check out the link to lajoyfamily blog - she is the moderator and leave a message there. She has been kind of busy! there are 2 yahoo forum groups and one is pretty much inactive so make sure you are applying to the right one - there is a link on my blog! Welcome anyway....if you have any questions you can email me at!

Tina said...

OH Michelle,

LOVE the smiley pictures! He is so darling. I put purple on Isabel the other day and guess's the BEST color on her. You were totally right and way ahead of me on that one.

I know your job is keeping you busy and also a new house and other things too, but how is the comfy kid wardrobe coming along???????

Shannon said...

Yay!!! I heard from the other family a couple of days ago and was so glad you guys will be travelling together! Time is FLYING!!!! Can't wait til you're reunited with little Zebby!

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