Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ak Keme

OK How tired do I totally look? I was pretty tired...I still am tired. I didn't get to blog as much as I would have liked while I was there - I was too busy sleeping and being totally amazed at how much Z slept!
I totally missed the Asia Mountain Guest House soooo much. I don't think we had a meal the entire time we were there! It was smoky and kind of dingy. I am sure it is better than most - but I strongly recommend the Asia mountain guest house. There was another family there at the same time and they stayed at Philemon House and they raved about it! I have heard another family that loved the PHilemon house.
In Almaty we stayed at the Hotel Grand Eurasia which is directly across the street from the building that houses the American Embassy and it was awesome. It is attached to a little mall that has a small grocery store in it and a litle children's store also. We went shopping. It was nice to be able to run and buy a coke and some Krak's.....the central asian, rap inspired pringles rip off chip....mmmm. The beds were super uncomfortable, and we had some sort of vent connection in our bathroom to a very smoky place - so our bathroom was very smoky. There is a restaurant in the hotel that has room service - the food was pretty good. Ironically, Keith got food poisoning from the room service in Newark, NJ last night. We made it through Kg and Kz without a problem.
It is nap time right now so I am trying to do laundry and check my email.....117 - yikes! I am going to upload some pictures to my flikr account - I will put a link on here as soon as it is done. There will be some pictures of my honey, Keith - for those of you who are curious(TINA). You probably can't see my hand in these pictures...but there is an engagement ring on it. It is very sparkly!

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