Friday, August 31, 2007

hotel grand eurasian

The Pro's - it was right across the street from the embassy which made it easy to run over there when they called me Wednesday afternoon and told me that I couldn't get a visa for Z! Yikes! There was alittle shopping center attached to the hotel with a small grocery store on the first floor. The front door had credit card signs...but they only took money. We found that out the hard way! There is also a little children's store on the 3rd floor and an assortment of clothing stores which included some kid stores. There was a restaurant that was pretty good for room service...I highly recommend the french fries....and that is about it! This whole trip I yearned for the nice and yumminess of the asia mountain guest house! We ate a lot of chips and m&m's!

Really the only con was that it was soooo smoky - our bathroom must have adjoined to someone smoking like a chimney - we had to keep the door closed with a towel under the door to keep the smoke out of the hotel room.

One morning we were in the elevator - I was carrying Z and keith was standing next to me. A man got into the elevator with us and in broken English asked keith if baby was boy or girl....Keith said boy and the man said "he has your face". It was really funny. Keith could not be more blond/blue eyed!

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