Monday, August 6, 2007

In my lap

In my lap sits a very cute 8 month old little boy! Our trip from London to Bishkek was pretty uneventful - except for the loss of my luggage. Luckily I diversified into both my suitcase and Keith's. The only things i am really missing are - first and foremost - my shoes. The only shoes I have are blue tennis shoes which are looking fabulous with the 2 pairs of black pants that made it here. I very carefully had packed bottles into both suitcases....however I only pcked the actual drop in parts in the bottles are totally worthless!
Kuba took usto a really cute baby store after we picked Z up and we bought some new bottles, formula etc.
We got to Bishkek around 5am and made it quickly to our hotel. we are staying at the Ak Keme and I totally miss the Asia mountain guest house!!! This hotel isn't bad at all - i just like the other one better.
Kuba picked us up around 10 and took us to buy 3 cakes and exchange some money - then we headed to the baby house.
I brought layers of clothes for Z - I would just like to brag that I actually brought clothes that were too warm! I was chastised that my hat would keep his head too warm! I took lots of pictures...well, Keith took lots of pictures and then we headed back to the hotel for a couple of hours.
I am mostly unphased and just in everyday mommy mode and then I will be overwhelmed by the situation...that Z is sitting on my lap and he is staying with me. I see Keith playing with him or burping him and I get a liitle overwhelmed by seeing how much Keith loves Z and how happy he is.
Yesterday afternoon we headed to the US embassy to pick up a sealed manilla envelop that goes to the adoption unit in Almaty. This afternoon we head to the Ministry of Education meet and thank some people there - and late tonight we head to Almaty - evidently the border is closed except the wee hours of the morning. That is perfect for me in my current jet lagged state!
Z is being a total angel - i actually recall some talk about a honeymoon period that is slated to end like any I figured I better get my post in now!


Mala said...

yeah!!!! So glad you have your Z forever!!!!!!
So have you checked out the fitness club at the Ak Keme?? Fancy, right? LOL!!! By the way, we found if you want to order something to eat, place your order a good two hours before you're hungry, speed is not their strong suit.
Congrats again... oh and where are those pictures??

Marissa said...

BEL!!! I can't wait to meet Zeb. I am sitting here crying because I am so excited and happy for you! Siblings are the best (usually). I love you! m.

Shannon said...

YAAAAAY!!! I am so happy to hear you guys are there and all together and things are going well so far. What a wirldwind trip - I hope things go smoothly in Kaz. Hope to see some pics soon.

Tina said...

yippeee skippy!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so thinking about you guys!


Jackie said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats and ya, where are those pics?? Hope all continues to go well.

The Stevens said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Congratulations!

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