Friday, August 31, 2007

little stories

One of the things I really wanted to write about while we were in Kyrgyzstan was day 2 in Bishkek. In the morning we went to see an official whose actual position I am kind of unsure of....I think it is a regional education official. I had met her before on my first trip. It is weird to meet with someone and be completely unable to understand what they say. There is a very tiny elevator in the government building- it only fits 3 people. The last time I was there, someone got in the tiny elevator with us with a lit cigarette! The building doesn't have air conditioner and all of the lights were off.

After we met with that official - we went on a little sightseeing tour with our in country coordinator. I was a little unprepared for the hot 3 hours we spent walking around bishkek. We went to Ala too square. there was a wedding party there - they were actually getting married I think. Our coordinator said it was good luck to be there with a wedding party - yeah us. It was not good luck at that particular moment. While we were there - Zeb had a major diaper blowout. Keith (who is the expert poopie diaper changer in our family) took him back to the car to change his diaper and literally - stuff flew out when he opened the diaper....then the fountain of pee shot straight into the air. It was a huge mess in the 100 degree back seat of our taxi. It was hysterical. Keith kept his cool though!
We also went to a park that used to have an eternal flame in memory of all of the soldiers from Kyrgyzstan who died in WW2....however, the eternal flame was out. The park was kind of in disrepair - but there were a lot of beautiful stone statues and flowers.

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