Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh Yeah

I forgot to mention that Keith changed the first poopie diaper. I am one lucky so many ways!
Don't worry there will be no picture to accompany this post when I get back to the US!!!!


Mala said...

I'm wearing out my 'refresh' button! How's it going?!

Marissa said...

Bel... I talked to mom and I am so anxious for you. Hope everything is going well. I keep hoping to see the post saying everything is great and you are leaving for London or better yet, already in London, of course if that were the case it would be about 10 hours later and I am pretty sure that doesn't happen in real life. I am so our mothers daughter (although I am only checking about 4 times a day...I am sure she is checking at least 6).m

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