Friday, August 31, 2007

SOS clinic

The drive to Almaty was such an arduous ordeal. We left around 430 am. I was amazed at how close to the border we were - it literally took like 10 minutes to get there. Our coordinator took all of our passports and went into the kyrgyzstan exit point - we stayed in the car. Then we drove to another little checkpoint that we also did not go into. The third checkpoint we drove to we all got out and went through a little line with a small piece of paper and our passports. Overall it was not the scary, iron curtain - esque experience I expected.

The drive from the border to Almaty took forever! It was soooo hot once the sun came up! The traffic was terrible in Almaty and the pollution was not very amenable to wide open car windows. I would say this was the worst part of our trip - but the food poisoning in Newark, NJ and subsequent 2 hour flight to Birmingham sucked!!!!

We finally made it to the SOS clinic around 9am. We saw the doctor almost immediately. It was a man from Australia who I could not understand for the life of me. It was his first day at the clinic and was jet lagged....I totally commiserated on that level. During the exam - Z was naked on the exam table and BAM - let loose with a huge watery bowel movement that literally shot onto the doctor's pants. Now how is THAT for your first patient at your new job! He still got a clean bill of health.

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