Saturday, September 22, 2007

how he has done

When we first picked up Z - he slept soooo good. He slept all night and fussed very little...except of course when he was having a poopie explosion! Almost 7 weeks later he is as fussy as all get out and sleeps only a couple of hours at a time. He has also gained 6 pounds in the last month and is like a little eating machine. He makes the cutest little noise right before he falls asleep that sounds like pac man too. It is funny. Over all, he is still sooooo ridiculously happy!
I went to the IA doctor at the beginning of the week and had Z's behavioral pt/ot and social work consult. He is full on 6 months in his motor development and right about months for verbal. Now I get to brag......the social worker said that she had never seen a child who displayed evidence of such secure attachment so soon after coming home. Of course, this really ahs nothing to do with me and everything to do with the absolutely wonderfull care that Z got at the bishkek baby house. She said that the not sleeping all night and fussiness I was worried about was actually a good sign that he was developing discriminate attachment.
I totally need to get some new pictures!

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