Saturday, September 22, 2007

wedding and post adoption

How cute is my daughter?! She was the best flower girl ever!

We had so much fun at the wedding - granted I am posting this like over a month later - but I have been busy! The wedding was soooo stress free. The planner at the bed and breakfast we held it at handled everything. The musicians were great, the flowers were beautiful. The photographer was a little cheesy - ok a lot cheesy and I still don't have the pictures yet! So basically I have like 4 pictures from the wedding right now. Oh well. My daughter and I got to be princesses for a day so it was fun. She did such a great job! I highly recommend her for any flower girl duties - if anyone is looking for a flower girl. I also recommend Keith as a groom and husband - he also does a great job. However, his calendar is booked!

We are still trying to merge our homes - it is very hard to do - he has a lot of stuff (ok I might have a whole bunch of stuff I don't need too)! My daughter is handling the transition pretty well - she started having some real behavioral issues right after the wedding - but we went down to visit her dad last weekend and I think it really helped her to see her dad and Keith meeting. I think she maybe was feeling guilty - I don't know. Her dad came up to visit her this weekend too - which she is loving! It is hard for him to commit to dates to come visit her - but I think it really helps for her be able to look at a calendar and say "I am going to see my daddy on this day"

Zeb is doing awesome - he has doubled his weight in the last month and a half and is crawling - ok mostly it is the combat crawl - but he is up on his knees a couple of crawls and then down on his belly and off! He talks up a storm in a super high pitched squeaky way and he is almost always happy with that huge smile you can see on his pictures. I am finally printing my pictures for Zeb's life book - I have like a million pictures of him from bishkek and am really going to get it done.

I sent in my kyrgyzstan embassy registration - the form (with a passport size picture), his passport, copy of the adoption certificate with translation, adoption decree and translation, old and new birth certificates and the prepaid return envelope. It was free as was discussed on the yahoo forum!
I also met with an agency here in alabama about my first post placement and his readoption. The agency was Villa Hope and I met with the director and she was super nice. She also gave me some contact information for adoption organizations here. I haven't checked them out yet - but I will give a full review when I do.

I am kind of having international adoption withdrawal and have been looking for a way to start my next will definitely take a lottery win! Anyone else already thinking about their next one!?


The Stevens said...

Congratulations on your big day! So nice to see everything falling into place! How do you like my "sweet home Alabama" ? Hope all is well! I decided to take your advise and i am still pressing on with med school...Hopefully sometime in Early 2008, we can also look into starting the adoption process from Kazakhstan!

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

ME ME ME! If you think of a way to come up with the $$ fill me in!!


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