Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I am not sure if you are supposed to celebrate this particular anniversary - but my one year divorciversary is today. I don't know if I ever shared what actually lit the fire under my butt to get it finalized. I decided I needed to get it finalized (after filing it in June!) becuase my plan was to wait one year and then start my year became 6 weeks. I was never good at waiting! That may partially explain a lot of my credit card debt! I think it is ironic that my desire for international adoption really has shaped my life in ways you might not expect.

When I think back at that day (which I have written about before) I couldn't possibly imagine my life as it is right now.

Today we took my daughter to a birthday party for one of her school friends at the friend's grandmother's house. They had ponies for pony was so much fun. I wish i would have remembered my camera! She had such a great is a matter of weeks before she starts asking for a pony. With a daughter, I think they all ask for a pony at some point! I have a great house (ok I have 2 great that I wish would sell!) with a great swing set. We have next door neighbors (3 and 9 yr olds) that my daughter loves to play with and they keep her preoccupied outside on the swingset all the time! I know it may be silly, but it makes me sooo happy to pull into the driveway after work and see my daughter and a couple of neighborhood kids playing on my backyard swingset. It may be some kind of suburbia brainwashing.....but my daughter has really settled down and is really happy. My son is happy and probably the easiest baby ever to take care of. I have an absolutely wonderfull nanny - seriously - she is the best ever. I have a job I love - I should totally read more about it before I hurt someone....but still it is fun.

I was talking to my ex-husband the other day (we do have a very, very good relationship by most standards) and he asked if I was happy. I am soooo totally happy it amazes me. Anyway - I am rambling...but it is really nice to look at your life and feel like you are being rewarded in some way for something. I must be being else could I explain having a husband who is as excited as I am to jump into another international adoption so soon!

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