Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the park

We went to the park last Sunday - actually we ended up going to two parks with church sandwiched in between the park visits! At the first park I met a woman with a 2 year old son adopted from China. He was a little bigger than Z and had first I didn't even realize he was Asian. Keith was puching Z on the swing next to them and when I walked up she introduced herself and asked what province Z was from and when he came home. It was so fun to run into someone I could talk international adoption with. She commented how healthy Z looked - especially for only being home two months.

We went to a different park in the afternoon and a woman came running up to us asking where our son was from. She also had a 2 year old little boy from China. So I got to gab international adoption again! She was also very impressed at how plump he was. son can eat with the best of them. While we were talking a man overheard us and had used the same agency as the woman I was talking with to adopt domestically.

I did my homestudy for Zeb in Tucson with Commonwealth and went to their giant family picnic last year right at the beggining of my process. It is coming up again in 2 weeks and I wish I could go back for it. I know there won't be any kids from Kyrgyzstan there - but it would be fun. Now if Adoption Alliance ever invites us for a family picnic - I am totally going. I know adoption options has family picnics and I am tempted to crash one! I am still holding out hope for the disney cruise. Does anyone have a timeline for post-adoption disposable income rebound?

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