Monday, October 15, 2007

cub master Keith

As I sit here typing this, keith is explaining to me how boy scouts is broken know wee below's (spelling?), tiger cubs, blah, blah, blah. Have I mentioned that he is the "cub master" for the cub scout dens here. That means that every monday night when we run around the house frantically trying to get everyone fed, dressed and ready to go he is wearing a boy scout uniform. Evidently, the boy scout uniform was designed by Versaci. I am afraid to mention that the pants are long pants that can unzip into know around the knee. There is also an uncountable number of velcro pockets and a little belt like attachment that clips together like all of the baby carseat seatbelts. Don't even get me started abou the kerchief.....he has a special one because he was an eagle scout.....apparently there are different degrees of eagle scouts....he has some pompoms....ok maybe it is palms. Sometimes he waxes poetic about eating bugs and running for boy scout regional president so he could be on the cabinet of the first Bush because the president is the head boyscout.....boy I bet there would be people that argued with that statement.

My husband is pretty geeky - oh and the boy scout thing is not the half of it! He obviously loves all of the time he spent doing boy scout stuff and every single thing he does with his oldest son is some kind of requirement for some badge, belt loop or whatever. There is a great big wall at the boy scout office that has a list of all of the eagle scouts from this district....Keith's name is on it, Keith's dad's name is on it and I know that some day his oldest son's name will be on it and so will Zeb's. Have I mentioned how much I love geeks? Although I could probably do without the kerchief.

This weekend is a camping trip - my daughter is so sad to be missing another chance to go "tenting", but there is no way I can live in a tent for a weekend with a 9 month old....I am too weak! So my daughter is going to go visit her dad for the weekend....hopefully ( which I say because she doesn't get to see her dad that often) and Zeb and I are on our own. It will be the first extended time we have been able to really spend together alone...I am really looking forward to it.


The Stevens said...

You have GOT to post a pic of the uniform with that posting! LOL.... Sounds like life is treating you well! I enjoy reading about your adventures! Can't wait to follow the new adoption! Best Wishes!

Shea said...

LOL Michelle! Nice to see you're a fellow geek-lover :) Jim's an Eagle Scout too and I've already been primed that the boys most certainly will be scouts as well :)

Shea said...

Oh and Jim wanted me say that he's an Eagle Scout with 2 palms... feel the geekiness :)

Now he's going on about how he could've gotten more...

what have I started???


Mom to 2 Angels said...

We've got the geek thing covered here too. My husband is an Eagle Scout.

Michelle said...

OMG Shea....if I had to hear one more story about how Keith could have had more palms I might explode! How funny....when I got home from work today Keith said as soon as he read my blog and your comment he knew I was going to say that he says the same thing.

I am glad to see that eagle scouts are representin' in the Kyrgyzstan adoption community!

Oh and I am looking for a great opportunity to take a candid picture of him in his full on uniform....I am thinking the pine derby will be a great time!

Michelle said...

i have been is the pinewood derby!

LaJoy Family said...

Hahahaha! Love this post Michelle, as we are a Scouting family too! Sadly, no tradition of Scouting and no Eagles to follow as in the case with you and Shea, but Matthew proclaimed at 3 years old that he wanted to be a Scout and at 5 made it clear that Eagle was in his future...along with the Air Force or Naval Academy. I am the Cubmaster for our Pack (Pack 479 ROCKS!) which grew from my son and one other boy at the beginning of last year when we moved there because the Pack fell apart to this year 23 rambunctious little guys!

You GOTTA post a picture now, and if you are truly a Scouting family then you need a "Little Scout Buddy" shirt and hat for Zeb...Joshie has one!!! Hahaha!~

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