Sunday, October 21, 2007

pumpkin patch

It was pumpkin patch day last week. My daughter picked a pumpkin (which was oozing pumpkin juice from the stem all day long onto my pants and hands). They did some leaf etching, here she is petting a gecko. I took the morning off of work to take her on the field trip.....and boy did I get in trouble when I got to work. I should have just called in sick. Instead I tried to arrange clinic coverage and just took off 2 hours. In retrospect, I should have just left my coworkers hanging in the breeze and called in sick.....believe me....that is what I will do next time! It was lots of fun though - the morning ended with her eating her s'more on the go and wearing most of the marshmallow. The pumpkin patch was set up at the local girl scout camp ground and it was super cool. They had horses. It was no Camp Mintihama - but it was cool....I am sensing girl scout camp in my daughter's future.


Jackie said...

I can't wait to take Little Squirt to a Pumpkin Patch next year ;)

Your daughter has got some gorgeous long blond hair ;) Cute pics.

Michelle said...

Thanks! Pumpkin patches are so fun. I am looking forward to cutting down our own xmas tree this year too. Oh the joys of close to the country living!

Marissa said...

Ohhh... I see a haircut has occurred...who knew there was a female in our family who could pull off bangs. She looks like she had a lot of fun. Girl Scout camp... make sure it has a giant (and terrifying) swinging bridge.

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