Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where does time go

It seems like I don't have any time to get anything done. I work less now versus last year, but man, I don't seem to have any time!

This month i am working at the preop assessment clinic so my hours are normal business hours of 9am until 5 - ish. Yesterday, I woke up at 630, got ready for work, woke up my daughter got her dressed and set her down for breakfast. Our nanny gets to our house around 730 and I head to work. At the end of the day - I head home around 445 (I got out early) make it home in time to wake my daughter up from a late nap, feed her, Keith and Keith's son, Owen, some frozen pizza and we head to cub scouts. I feed Zeb a replacement dinner at the cub scout meeting. Then we get home at 825, I put dd to bed by 845 while Keith feeds Zeb his real dinner. Then I clean the kitchen, take out garbage (ok make Keith take out the garbage).

I can fit everything in as long as I am in maintanence mode....but we have a lot of extras to do right now and it is slooooow-going trying to get the garage full of my stuff filtered into my new house! We did move my refrigerator and washer and dryer in - hurray. I love my appliances!

My house is being shown - although i don't have a key to it to put in a lock box. I thought maybe the person that looked at it last week might put in an offer. The looked at it twice and asked for a survey to be emailed to them. I haven't heard anything yet though - so I think it is a pipe dream!!! Our life will be a lot easier and closer to running in the black if we could sell my house and the car we have for sale!

Today at work I am going to plan my block party. I finally met my neighbors this weekend and they have a 3 year old and a 9 year old. My daughter played with them all weekend and I feel just terrible that my anti-socialness cost my daughter 2 months of not playing with her new best friend! So I am going to meet my neighbors if it sucks every last bit of strength from my soul! Ok that was a bit dramatic. But I am planning a block party with a jumping castle.


Marissa said...

A Block Party... you always planned the best block parties. I miss 4th of July in Pittsburg... that was all you! I can't believe my anti-social sister plans block parties and I never even met my neighbors in MI... I guess I did only live there for 3 years... :)

Michelle said...

Well, I haven't made the flyer for the block party yet....I have to decide if I can really spend the $150 on a moonwalk. If I don't have a moonwalk for a centerpiece I may have to actually entertain and you and I both know I can't do that!

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