Sunday, November 18, 2007


What does adoption mean to me? That is such an interesting question - what does family mean? Isn't it really the same question? I have one sister and we were close when we were younger. We definitely grew apart when I left for college. I haven't really talked to her much since then - just occasionally.
This picture is from my wedding in August (Z had been home 2 weeks). My sister and her family came for the wedding and we had so much fun together. I really, really enjoyed the time we spend together. I am point at the beginning of this paragraph was that I didn't come from a big family and, in fact, probably handled the whole sibling thing not very well as a child. So I am so surprised and pleased to see how excited L and O are about their little brother and how super-excited L is about new bothers and sisters. I asked L how many brothers and sisters she wanted and she started counting all of the places kids could sleep (we have bunk beds, trundle beds, a crib and a full size bed). She volunteered to sleep with me in my bed so a new sister could have her bed! Very self-less of her! It was funny.
So what is adoption? It is a way to fill up all of our beds and our lives. I am also selfish - being around my kids is when I like myself the most. They bring out the me I always knew was somewhere in there but I struggled for a long time to find. So when someone says that Z is lucky that I saved him or something like that - it is sooooo totally the other way around.


imtina said...

What a wonderful picture. LOVE the tiara. It will be nothing but a pleasure to see who comes next. You all look sooooo happy.

Suzanne said...

Michelle, I think your family rocks. And yes, I think you CAN be a feminist mom, no matter how many kids and what kind of job you have! I would love to come to Alabama some day (that's a powerful statement coming from a Yankee) and meet y'all - however many of y'all there are by then!


lara said...

lovely wedding photo

Kara said...

Love the recent posts!! Makes me want to see the movie!

Tasha said...

What a great post! I especially loved the last paragraph.

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