Monday, November 12, 2007

Alabama Sucks

I just need to take a moment to vent! We have been working on researching adoptions from Africa and have been going back and forth between Liberia and Ghana and briefly we talked about Ethiopia. Then we were trying to decide how many kids, what ages, special needs etc. So finally we start making some choices and decision and start talking to people and agencies in concrete terms. Now today, our homestudy agency tells me that while they are comfortable doing a homestudy for us - all international homestudies in the state of Alabama have to go throught DHR before they can be processed by USCIS and their minimum marriage requirement is one year. If we were adopting domestically (not through foster care) we woudn't have this requirement. Not only do we have to wait at least another 3 months to start our homestudy - it adds an extra month to the processing time to get out 171H.

I know the older I get the faster 3 months goes by.....but when you finally make the decisions to go forward with an adoption - the last thing you want to do is hurry up and wait for 3 loooooong months. We are still going to send in our application to the placing agency and start our mandatory dvd training - which will probably not be as entertaining to watch as battlestar galactica....but we just finished the ipod downloads of season 3 so we don't have anything to watch until the Razor miniseries and the next season starts!

I think that if an agency is licensed by the state to do homestudies - the state should let them do them and not stick their big fat nose in my business. My husband (a lifelong Alabama-n) says that other states look to Alabama to see what not to do! He may be right. Of course, I am very judicious and see the logic of their law....but I am opposed to a state organization that doesn't know me or hasn't seem my family making decisions based on a number. Especially when a local, licensed, accredited organization can evaluate my family based on criteria that really matter to the welfare of children!
OUCH - I just fell off my soapbox and stubbed my toe.


Suzanne said...

That does suck! I'm so sorry you have to put your next adoption on hold for three more months due to technicalities. I think I can safely say that no one can empathize with you more than I can on this topic. My decision to adopt was made back in March, and it's been so hard waiting until now to start my process - due to technicalities. BUT, when I look at all I learned in those intervening months, and realize how differently I'm proceeding because of that knowledge, I find comfort and sense in it all. Trust that there may be a bigger reason for the delay. And I promise you, when you get to the other side, you will say, "Hey, where did that three months go???" In the mean time, feel free to vent and whine about it whenever you feel the need. I will listen and understand, big time.

Michelle said...

thanks suzanne....I know I am a whiney baby....but once you decide to move forward time always slows down. So now I have to wait 3 more months in like super slow motion! We could have baked cookies together for our first home study visits!

The Stevens said...

Wait until you have to file your Tax returns with them at Tax time!!! I am a good ole alabama gal, but i agree this sucks!

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