Monday, November 12, 2007

Being married

I have been a very prolific writer today.....I am clearly procrastinating to avoid putting together my presentation on neuraxial hematomas for november 21st!

I was just writing an email and starting rambling on a little bit about how different my life is now and how different the adoption process is now as compared to when I was single last year.

When I first met Keith - it was always funny when one of us would start to talk about something totally obscure and the other one would immediately remember all of the details of some tv show or book. When we were driving from Arizona to Alabama there was an abandoned box car about 100 feet from the interstate...which reminded me of a book I had read in elementary school - the boxcar children being little miss free association....I started to tell him and he basically finished my sentence and proceeded to tell me his favorite part of the book. Of course, lots of people have read this book. Noone has ever talked about it with me.

It is so nice to have an idea and to be able to tell him and to know that he isn't going to fight with me about it or think I am crazy. In fact, usually he likes my ideas. I feel like we feed each other's ideas and dreams in really beautiful way. I have always had a crazy idea of a project I want to complete in my has been hovering amorphously on the edge of mind for about 6 years and every time I talk with Keith about becomes more and more solid. It starts to crystallize into a more defined thing. Someday, I hope it will be real.....but it is still in the being defined stage. He gets excited and caught up in my dreams too and that is something I haven't experienced before.

A lot of you may be familiar with Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan's Purse. We took our older kids to Walmart on Saturday to make shoeboxes for it and we are working in the distribution center this Wednesday.
At church on Sunday they played a video about the project which showed children all over the world opening christmas shoe boxes. Here is where I totally embarass Keith.....I looked over and saw him with those 'I-am-trying-to-fight-the-tears' tears. He told me later that all he could think about was that one of those kids on the screen could be one of our kids waiting to come home.

I am cynical, I have been cynical most of my life. I never, ever believed in the whole soul mate thing. I do now and I am OK about telling it to the world.


Marissa said...

Am I one of those people who have known you most of your life... I have known you all of my life. I never knew you were cynical... I am shocked to read this... :) I was just telling Laurel yesterday that I thought you were "really" happy for the first time in your life. Of course, I hope you don't lose your cynisism, Dad would be very lonely without you standing next to him...

Jackie said...

I just about needed a Kleenex when I got to the end of this post!! You give me hope ;) So glad you are happy and dreaming away with your new hubby!!


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