Monday, November 12, 2007

christmas presents

So for $70 you can buy a goat or other milk producing animal for a family. You get a nice gift card to send as a gift. Here it is christmas list.....get someone a goat from me.
After today's posts I predict that my husband is going to teach me how to make links in my blog that are hidden istead of all https:.....blah blah blah. That is pretty annoying to look at!


The Stevens said...

Hey I bought goats for orphans in Kenya!!! was an organziation that I did medical mission work with before heading off to med school. I actually sponsor a child with them, Kevin Chacha. He is so precious. The good thing about the organization is our housing is on the same ground as the orphanage so we get to play games and get to know them well! Ok back to the goat milk, its a great cause your advocating!!!

Tasha said...

that sounds so cool. if only i could get them to send me some goat cheese.

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