Friday, November 9, 2007


I am soooo bad. I tried to upload halloween pictures of the kids and didn't work and didn't work so I just haven't posted in forever. So I thought i would write about halloween (although it really is noooo fun without the pictures) and update a little bit.

I was on call on Halloween, but the monday before halloween the kids dressed up (by kids I also mean Keith too!) for cub scouts. Z was a lion which was soooo cute. It was one of my daughter's recycled costumes when she was 3 months old so it was a little tight on him....but he kept the hat on like a champ! My daughter was a pumpkin fairy. She was very matter of fact about the whole thing. Whenever someone who ask her what her costume was she would say "can't you tell I am a pumpkin fairy?" like something was wrong with them for not immediately knowing. It was funny.
Monday nights are a total fiasco in general and getting everyone into costume made it more Keith and the older 2 left before Z and I were ready. Evidently, my timid little girl spent the first 10 minutes of cubsouts terrifyingly screaming and burying her head in some random woman's shoulder because of the scariness of the the costumes! I didn't even think of that - I guess I should have been prepared for that.

She did bounce back though and won the costume contest. All of the kids had a turn to walk across the stage and show their costumes and my daughter walked out and did a little ballerina turn (arms in 5th position and everything) and then did a little 4 yr old arabesque - i think there was a little curtsy too before she ran off of the was 100% irresistable.

I am pretty sure Z was her only real competition for cute costumes - but he didn't enter the contest!

O - the little cub scout (who is actually probably the same size I was my freshman year in high school!) - was one of the Fet's...ok it was Boba Fet I think.....of course, I have no idea how to spell the star wars character's names...I admit it! He loved his costume and was so confused why he didn't win the costume contest. I loved that he loved his costume so much. There were so many star wars character costumes I didn't really realize how big starwars is for kids these days. I was 2 years younger than O is now when I saw Star Wars for the first time at the drive in in Emporia, Ks!

Now my husband's costume is another story....I know you are reading this keith...sorry. He has a flight suit that he got for one of his jobs and he decided to wear it as his costume. One of the mother's turned to me and asked me if that was a costume or some eagle scout uniform thing. To which I responded "it is a costume....if it were an eagle scout thing he would have a kercheif". I really am not sure why I find the kerchief on men so just is.

On halloween night, the kids went to a fall festival celebration at church and I have some pictures that our awesome nanny took of that too. It was lots of inflatable bouncy things and I imagine running around with friends from school and that precious 4 year old screaming thing. Our neighborhood is really new and there are literally 15-20 houses and like 7 or 8 of them are occupied and there are houses still being built around the corner. Next year I am hoping for some good trick or treating!

I am going to have to figure out how to add the pictures -because everyone was sooo cute.

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