Monday, November 12, 2007

I should wait but oh well....

So we have decided to adopt from Ghana. We are going to use Adoption Advocates International which has a very established and respected Ethiopia program. They have a pilot program in Ghana that was just recently started. We will be their 14th family to sign on. Instead of referring from already existing orphanages, they started their own orphanage in July and have a very meticulous procedure in place to ensure that the children are absolutely, 100% relinquished by any remaining family members. There is sooo much trouble with child slavery in Ghana and with that whole crazy Zoe's Ark thing in Chad.....I feel much better about it with AAI, than with some of the other agencies I looked at who work in Africa. There is also something very DIY, grass roots about the whole AAI project. The orphanage and this pilot program were really started by some mom's adopting through other means in Ghana and they were disillusioned with the organizations and the process that was in place. They thought that it could be better. I love that.

As you may have read...the state of Alabama won't approve our homestudy until we have been married one year. So we are just waiting around for a while. I should just wait patiently, but I have been thinking about all of the timing and trying to piece together some way to so some things sooner. I don't actually need the 171H until court which is (according to the tentative timeline) about 2-3 months after referral. I do need a homestudy for a referral - but since I don't need the 171H for a referral.... So shooting for homestudy done near the end of April is my goal so that it will dated within 6 months of submission to USCIS and we can start waiting for our referral in April.

The referral - so I feel like I have mentioned this before on a post...but I am not sure where....we are now a little boy heavy in our family, so our referral request is for a little girl less than 5 years old. We are open to siblings (up to 2 other siblings) and minor medical needs or surgically correctable issues. Adding 3 kids to a family with 3 kids already is advanced parenting for sure! I have read several blogs by mom's of large families....but I have yet to see a blog or meet any working moms with that many kids! I think our nanny would need a raise and a helper after school! We are definitely going to get approved for 3 just in case....but our official referral request is still a work in progress - unfortunately, we still have 3 months to discuss it! No mom, I am not insane.

Our preliminary application went in today we were waiting on a family picture to send it in. We sent in one of our wedding pictures. We are getting an official family picture on December 8th for Christmas cards/adoption stuff. I am looking forward to watching the training dvd's. Although I am sure it is very interesting and informative - it is no battlestar galactica....but it will have to hold me over!


lara said...

wow,3 more thats totally amazing .wonderful and great news .

Kelly said...

I am a mom of 6 children ages 7 and under (7,7,4,4,3,3). 5 of my children are adopted internationally. I have LOVED having a large family!

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