Monday, November 12, 2007

who is going to play me in the movie

My philosophy in life for the first 30 years was to do things that would make good stories later. Seriously, the quest for an experience that would provide a good story spurred me on to do lots of really worthwhile things. I think that is what helped me go so far away from home for college, that is definitely what made me dye my hair purple and drive half way across the country with an unmentioned band (with whom I was eventually pictured in Rolling Stone magazine), to buy a guitar and start a punk band, to work as a craps dealer. Maybe I gave up my crazy life and went to medical school so I could find someone who wanted to listen to my stupid stories!
I seriously have a crazy story for every I have started trying to write them down in a coherent way so that someday one of my kids might want to read them and was totally insane.
Now, Keith wants to know who will play him in the movie. I told him Admiral Chegwidden.....he had never watched JAG....I am horrified. I once called in sick to work at the casino becuase there was a JAG marathon on and I HAD to watch it. I love Chegwidden....and Keith totally reminds me of him. I have been having a lot of trouble putting pictures up on my blog....but here is a link to chegwidden

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