Friday, December 28, 2007

The first half of Christmas

L isn't back yet so her presents sit unopened - but Z is grooving on his presents. He got a little overwhelmed with all of the toys so we stopped opening presents and are going to let him open some when his sister gets home. He isn't walking or standing independently yet, but he was pulling himself up on the presents and pulling really hard to get the bows off....they would pop off and he would topple over backwards....I think that was his favorite xmas morning activity. There will be no pictures of me on xmas day appearing here. I had been at work up all night on the day before xmas eve and then back at work at 3pm xmas eve until around noon xmas day and I look it! Once L gets home I will probably post more xmas pictures - we drive down to New Orleans tomorrow to get her.

L's xmas program

L's school had a christmas program - her dad came up for it and I gave him the camera to take the pictures and this is tht only picture that is in focus....that will teach me! SHe is the tiny blond speck with the black shortsleeve dress with the red low waistband. The classes all processed in together and she had like a little pom pom thing she was waving and she was kind of skipping and jumping up and down so you could see her little head bobbing up and down over the seats....then it disappeared and a few seconds later it popped back up! It was so funny - she was just so excited she had fallen down and then just jumped right back up. She was a helper she led her class out and had to stop at the stairs for her teacher to count all of her class mates. She talked for days about how she was a helper. She left with her dad after the program and spent christmas with him. We are going to pick her up tomorrow - yeah! All of her presents and santa presents are sitting beside the rapidly de-needling christmas tree!

O's birthday

O turned 8 on Dec 21st - and his birthday party was at the McWayne center here which is a kid centered science center. Everyone had lots of fun. O is pointing out the geopolitical importance of legos to an enrapt audience! L and Z (ok me too) were all about the cake! It was a really fun birthday party. They do a good job there.

gingerbread house

L and I made a GingerBread house - yes we bought the kit the same time I was overwhelmed by craftiness for Zeb's birthday cake. It was fun - she is a mini jawbreaker genius.

I am soooo bad

I have been sooooo busy and working a lot of extra hours to pay for xmas. I don't think I have ever gone this long without posting on my blog. I did see my tag on the 22nd and have been working on that. Since I have 139 posts I have to do 100 interesting facts....and frankly I am just not that interesting so it has been slow going. I am hoping to have it done in a few days. I have basically been working 24 hour shifts every other day for the last week and a half and have to go back in for who knows how long in 3

enough excuses!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tagged appears that there has been an epidemic of taggings in the kyrgyzstan adoption world and I have been tagged......unfortunately for y'all.....I actually do have 100 posts on my blog so I am required to come up with 100 interesting facts about myself. The unfortunate part is that I don't think i am 100 things interesting....I really am only about 8 things interesting.

100. when i was 17 I cut my long brown hair short and dyed it black before a school dance and a bunch of boys asked me to dance because they thought i was a new foriegn exchange student

99. When i was a senior in High school, I snuck out of my house to fly to Houston to see the band The Cure

98. I chose my college because of it's cool logo - for no real reason that makes sense - it was Smith College in Northampton, Mass.

97. I was an college music junkie in college and was the music director at my college station

96. my picture was in rolling stone magazine once with dave grohl and chris noveselik from Nirvana.

95. I never drank any alcohol during high school

94. In college I was a research assistant for a sociologist doing women's studies research and learned that up until 1976 a woman who didn't take her husband's last name was not allowed to vote in the state of texas.

93. I was a sociology major and originally wanted to go to Bowling Green for grad school in pop culture studies.

92. I bought a guitar somewhere in Indiana and decided I wanted to be in a punk rock band when I was a sophomore in college.

91. my band booked our first gig before we knew any songs or had amps (or a drummer)

90. I had my navel pierced from 1992 until I had my daughter in 2003

89. I have a 6 inch dragon tattoo on my right arm (over my biceps-ish)

88. I have an MBA that I got from the university of phoenix while working in new orleans.

87. I was a craps dealer for 3 years

86. Even though I am old now - I still kick ass at Galaga.

85.I have a really hard time keeping friends long term - I hear from one high school friend every once in a while, no college friends and no friends from my missing years in New Orleans.

84. I actually loved eating MRE's after Hurricane Katrina

83. I was once robbed at gunpoint

82. I never had to wear a bra until after I had my daughter

81. I breast fed my daughter until she was 3 yo....yes that is totally 3rd world - I know.

80. In 2001 and 2002 I sponsored a little girl in an orphanage in Ust- Kamengorsk, Kazakhstan by sending her little gifts and pictures. She aged out of the orphanage in 2003 and I still have all of her pictures and letters and keep hopelessly believing that someday I will be able to find her and see if she is OK.

79. I want to someday write a novel - maybe next November I will do the novel in a month thing.

78. I used to dance in an Isadora Duncan Repertory Theatre company - which I totally loved.

77. I want to go to law school someday (after I pay off my student loans)

76. I was strangely attached to a gold fish named terrence that died near the same time as my grandmother and I will never again have fish as a pet.

75. I grow my hair ridiculously long and straight and every 18 months I cut it off for locks of love

74. I bite my fingernails - in fact, I am biting them right now

73. I totally love the jewelry that my husband has given me and don't care how retarded expensive it was even though I should be furious about spending that much money

72. Bikini Kill is still my favorite band

71. i can't believe that anyone is really reading these random 10o things about me

70. I was bullied and beat up when I was in middle school and it really sucked

69. I was a girl scout until high school

68. I went to girl scout camp in missouri at Camp Mintihama and it totally ruled - if I hadn't moved away I would have been a girl scout forever to keep going to that camp.

67. When i get a cold I cry at ridiculous things on tv - like dog food commercials

66. Babes in Toyland is still my second favorite band.

65. In high school, my friend Kate and I would drive to Wichita to play a video game called Truxton that had previously been at a convenient store in Emporia - but that had been moved. I later bought a sega genesis because they had that game.

64. My dad once gave an exboyfriend of mine a car so that he would leave.

63. That exboyfriend also took the sega genesis and the truxton video game!

62. I wear scrubs everyday to work and never wear make-up.

61. I am a total cinna-melts junkie (the McDonald's cinnamon roll treat)

60. I cried when I figured out who the newest members of the Lajoy family are going to be

59. I went to 3 different Kindergardens

58. I got the chicken pox on April Fool's day when I was 5yo - it was a great way to wake my dad up that morning!

57. My favorite christmas movie is Holiday Inn

56. I am a total science fiction junkie - but my husband is a bigger one

55. I was in debate and forensics in high school and though I don't really remember being any good at or even liking it that much - I still did it all four years of high school.

54. I didn't decide I wanted to be a doctor until after I graduated from college - so I went back and took all of my med school prerequisites at Washburn University in Topeka, Ks and then at the University of New Orleans.

53. I went to an osteopathic medical school becuase I thought I would really like to do osteopathic manipulation.....but I don't.

52. I truly hated living in the desert.

51. I have tried to send out christmas cards every year for the last 7 years and have yet to actually get it done. This year we even got pictures taken - but didn't get them ordered in time!

50. I have had pets almost consistently since I was in 3rd grade and don't have one living with me now....and I love having furniture that doesn't smell like dog. I know it won't last too much longer - but I love it.

49. I was in a ponderosa commercial when I was like 3yo - I think it ran once!

48. I hate all vegetables....except ketchup!

47. I believe in birthday week - you get to celebrate your birthday for an entire week.

46. I like to read Martha Stewart magazines and real simple magazine - although there is absolutely no evidence of their influence in my surroundings!

45. In college I worked for a vintage (second hand) clothing shop for store credit and had the hugest cheapest and coolest wardrobe.

44. I also had purple hair and my favorite - pill box red hair.

43. I had a super cool electric blue 1979 mg midget in high school - that ran about 40% of the time.

42. The first records I ever bought were in 1981 - the Grease soundtrack and Donna Summer's greatest hits.

41. I had super cool tennis shoe roller skates in 1981 and roller skated all of the time. I haven't been roller skating since 1994 - but I am ready to go!

40. I met my husband on eharmony.

39. we actually bought each other almost the exact same christmas present this year and had to return one.

38. I love feng shui and used to have my old house totally in tune with it - but I haven't had time to apply it's principles to this house.

37. I used to only drink Coke but I converted to Diet Dr. Pepper last really does taste like regular Dr Pepper. Sometimes I try the caffeine free diet dr pepper....but that just tastes like swamp water.

36. I love Italian food and could eat pizza every night of my life and be happy

35. When I was applying for medical school if I didn't get in my alternate plan was to go to the big cat training school in Oregon that had some ridiculous reality show on the animal planet in 2001. I think I knew I was going to get in.

34. I love to shop at Ann Taylor - even though I literally wear scrubs everyday.

33. I have 6 toes on my left foot.....just kidding I am just running out of things to write.

32. I have reached the age where I totally want a mini van...I want the one with cool captain's seats that turn to face a table and sattelite tv.

31. Even when the kids aren't here - I still like to watch the cartoon network - I love Foster's home for imaginary friends and billy and mandy.

Seriously, I just can't think of 100 things. I wil try to think of 30 more things but I am tapped and it has taken me like 3 weeks to come up with these! Ithink everyone who blogs that I follow has already been tagged so I don't tag anyone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Trees

Last night we went out and bought our xmas tree. We had my step son last night so we were all able to go (he is the adorable little red head in the birthday pictures!). He and my daughter were soooo funny running around the lot looking for forest animals and singing christmas songs. Of course, everyone wanted a different tree and the way Keith was able to get everyone to come to a consensus on one tree was really a christmas miracle. We listened to the christmas music radio station all the way home along back country roads and seriously heard Feliz Navidad 3 times and all three time little voices (and one or two big voices) were screaming along. It was super fun. There aren't any decorations yet - we have to buy some lights for the tree because.....gulp....this is Keith's first real tree in like a decade - if I had known that I may not have married him! We have some serious Christmasizing to do at our house this week.

I love christmas, by the way. I love all of the things that so many people hate about christmas. I love the cheesy christmas music station, I love the christmas movies, I love the lights and the decorations. I love going to visit Santa at the mall. I also love wrapping presents - it is fun to get cool paper and ribbons....I love ribbons. I am revisiting my new found cake decorating skills with some christmas cookies and a gingerbread house later today.

Just thought I would admit my christmas addiction to all of my close friends this afternoon while my daughter is taking a little nap! We had to get up early this am to take Z to the doctor's - he got 4 shots and a tb test. Lucky Z! L got his lollipop though - it doesn't seem fair. I don't know if I mentioned before that we went to the audiologist and he has mild hearing loss but it could have been associated with some fluid in his middle ear and a flat we treated him with 10 days of antibiotics. The pediatrician today said that he didn't appreciate any fluid so yeah! The concern was that he may have been having recurrent ear infections in the orphanage and would not be able to clear the fluid without tubes, of course the other worry is that the mild hearing loss isn't due to the fluid. Right now though, the working hypothesis is that we just happened to have our audiology exam when he happened to have an ear infection and everything is normal. So we have a followup audiology exam to schedule!

Monday, December 3, 2007


One of the things I really missed while living in Arizona was the fall. I missed any change of seasons really and of course water....I missed water. I wanted to take some nice fall pictures with all of the colors. My drive to work in the morning (yes my 45 minute drive) well in the morning it is pitch black...but on my way home in the afternoon it is... ok it is usually already dark...but when I am post call the drive home is beautiful. There are so many trees and in the last month it has been sooo beautiful. When I came out to Alabama last November to look for houses I was so impressed by it beauty. I am still so impressed. Keith and I drove around a lot this weeked and this area is sooo beautiful. I am starting to sound more and more like my mom. I felt like her this weekend too! She used to love to drive around and look at houses - I have memories of her wanting to drive around and look at houses since way back when I was in third grade. Keith and I have been driving around looking at plots of land to build our new house know the one we are going to build in like 5 years. It is so much fun to make plans for the future with someone who doesn't think you are insane!
Anyway - I am off this week and have kind of missed my window for really beautiful fall pictures, but Keith took this about 2 weeks ago. It is the view from our back porch.

some pictures of the party

The Birthday Party!

Z officially turned one last week and we had our birthday party on Saturday. Friday I was post call, sleep deprived and seemed like a good idea to make and decorate my own cake. This is it.....thank you Michael's for putting this crazy idea in my head. I have never decorated a cake before and was frantically frosting at T - 30 minutes to party time. I probably picked a rather bad place to put the candle - but it was done. My daughter picked out some ridiculously difficult cake she wants me to make her for her birthday...I think I may have started a tradition I will live to regret! So.....Tina....are you impressed!Haha!
The birthday itself was really fun, Keith's parents, sister, nieces and nephew, and our neighbors came. It was really fun...there were 7 kids on our little swingset and it made the swingset look soooo small. Keith is now dedicated to builing a new bigger and better swing set from scratch. I can't wait to inspect all of the to scale sketches on his graph paper. As long as there is a cover for the sand box I am good!
About 2 days before his birthday, I walked out of my bedroom and there was Z sitting up as happy as can be playing with one of his books. It was the first time he sat himself up just cuz he felt like it. On the same day he pulled himself up to standing in the playpen. He is totally going to be trouble when he starts walking. Seriously, he gets into everything with the combat crawl. My daughter was not really trouble that way so I am a little unprepared.
I am trying to schedule my postplacement visit too. I am the last person to file a postplacement among all of the adoption alliance people that adopted around the same time. I didn't know if it was 6 months from the adoption finalization date or the pick up date. Turns out it is 6 months from some random date at the Embassy which for me was sometime in July - why July I don't know. So I am working on getting that done!

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