Monday, December 3, 2007

The Birthday Party!

Z officially turned one last week and we had our birthday party on Saturday. Friday I was post call, sleep deprived and seemed like a good idea to make and decorate my own cake. This is it.....thank you Michael's for putting this crazy idea in my head. I have never decorated a cake before and was frantically frosting at T - 30 minutes to party time. I probably picked a rather bad place to put the candle - but it was done. My daughter picked out some ridiculously difficult cake she wants me to make her for her birthday...I think I may have started a tradition I will live to regret! So.....Tina....are you impressed!Haha!
The birthday itself was really fun, Keith's parents, sister, nieces and nephew, and our neighbors came. It was really fun...there were 7 kids on our little swingset and it made the swingset look soooo small. Keith is now dedicated to builing a new bigger and better swing set from scratch. I can't wait to inspect all of the to scale sketches on his graph paper. As long as there is a cover for the sand box I am good!
About 2 days before his birthday, I walked out of my bedroom and there was Z sitting up as happy as can be playing with one of his books. It was the first time he sat himself up just cuz he felt like it. On the same day he pulled himself up to standing in the playpen. He is totally going to be trouble when he starts walking. Seriously, he gets into everything with the combat crawl. My daughter was not really trouble that way so I am a little unprepared.
I am trying to schedule my postplacement visit too. I am the last person to file a postplacement among all of the adoption alliance people that adopted around the same time. I didn't know if it was 6 months from the adoption finalization date or the pick up date. Turns out it is 6 months from some random date at the Embassy which for me was sometime in July - why July I don't know. So I am working on getting that done!

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