Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Trees

Last night we went out and bought our xmas tree. We had my step son last night so we were all able to go (he is the adorable little red head in the birthday pictures!). He and my daughter were soooo funny running around the lot looking for forest animals and singing christmas songs. Of course, everyone wanted a different tree and the way Keith was able to get everyone to come to a consensus on one tree was really a christmas miracle. We listened to the christmas music radio station all the way home along back country roads and seriously heard Feliz Navidad 3 times and all three time little voices (and one or two big voices) were screaming along. It was super fun. There aren't any decorations yet - we have to buy some lights for the tree because.....gulp....this is Keith's first real tree in like a decade - if I had known that I may not have married him! We have some serious Christmasizing to do at our house this week.

I love christmas, by the way. I love all of the things that so many people hate about christmas. I love the cheesy christmas music station, I love the christmas movies, I love the lights and the decorations. I love going to visit Santa at the mall. I also love wrapping presents - it is fun to get cool paper and ribbons....I love ribbons. I am revisiting my new found cake decorating skills with some christmas cookies and a gingerbread house later today.

Just thought I would admit my christmas addiction to all of my close friends this afternoon while my daughter is taking a little nap! We had to get up early this am to take Z to the doctor's - he got 4 shots and a tb test. Lucky Z! L got his lollipop though - it doesn't seem fair. I don't know if I mentioned before that we went to the audiologist and he has mild hearing loss but it could have been associated with some fluid in his middle ear and a flat tympanogram....so we treated him with 10 days of antibiotics. The pediatrician today said that he didn't appreciate any fluid so yeah! The concern was that he may have been having recurrent ear infections in the orphanage and would not be able to clear the fluid without tubes, of course the other worry is that the mild hearing loss isn't due to the fluid. Right now though, the working hypothesis is that we just happened to have our audiology exam when he happened to have an ear infection and everything is normal. So we have a followup audiology exam to schedule!


Laura said...

My daughter just went to the ent yesterday and was diagnosed with hearing loss. She's getting tubes to clear the fluid in her ears and we hope it clears up her hearing issue. I wish the same for your son!!


CresceNet said...
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Scarlett_333 said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't talk very much on the group, but I was on line the other day & trying to up date my info & some how I got to the wrong place & I think I did something that messed it all up.I am very very sorry & I hope you can fix it. By the way your little boy is getting so big. I hope that it is all able to be fixxed & I well stay off the info site from now on. So Sorry they shouldn't let people like me have a com. I hope you can forgive me. Michele

Suzanne said...

Michelle - I just tagged you. See today's post on my blog, entitled, "Tagged" for details.


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