Friday, December 28, 2007

L's xmas program

L's school had a christmas program - her dad came up for it and I gave him the camera to take the pictures and this is tht only picture that is in focus....that will teach me! SHe is the tiny blond speck with the black shortsleeve dress with the red low waistband. The classes all processed in together and she had like a little pom pom thing she was waving and she was kind of skipping and jumping up and down so you could see her little head bobbing up and down over the seats....then it disappeared and a few seconds later it popped back up! It was so funny - she was just so excited she had fallen down and then just jumped right back up. She was a helper she led her class out and had to stop at the stairs for her teacher to count all of her class mates. She talked for days about how she was a helper. She left with her dad after the program and spent christmas with him. We are going to pick her up tomorrow - yeah! All of her presents and santa presents are sitting beside the rapidly de-needling christmas tree!

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