Monday, January 28, 2008

I couldn't resist

So I couldn't resist taking the quiz too. I am not as groovy as some of the other Kyrgyzstan mom's!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

junk food wards off evil spirits

I am pretty sure that getting a bunch of junk food Friday afternoon warded off the evil spirits of snowed in at work - ness. It didn't start snowing until I was half way to pick up L so we got to drive about an hour and 15 minutes in the snow. It snowed pretty hard but didn't stick to the ground. It stuck to the deck and the cars that hadn't been driven in a while. We stopped at McDonald's on our way home and opened up the sun roof for the snow to fall in the car - that was fun. It probably snowed about 2 hours and we had enough on our deck and swingset for about a 45 minute snowball fight. L was really tired and when the neighbor brushed all of the snow off of her slide she lost it and it was nap time. Z liked watching the snow - he stood up at the glass door and looked out laughing and pounding on the glass - but he was not so impressed with actual snow! Evidently it is cold!

Unfortunately it didn't snow enough on Saturday to keep me from heading back to work today. I had my fingers crossed that some poor sap would be stuck in my place and I would get the day off! Oh well - I will be post call tomorrow and that will be fun!

Friday, January 18, 2008


So it snowed here in Alabama a couple of nights ago. It is supposed to snow like 3 inches here tonight. I am on call tonight and Sunday and was warned today by a CRNA that the last time is snowed that much here she was stuck at the hospital for 3 days and they ran out of food. Not that I am an alarmist.....but I am making Keith stop by on his way home with a refrigerator full of food. I don't care about being stuck at work for 3 days, no clean clothes, even running out of toothpaste is ok with me....but I can not stand the idea of empty vending machines and no hope of junk food. No - that I can't tolerate!

L is on her way home right now - If I am stuck at the hospital for 3 days I will be so sad to miss her coming home. I am glad she will be home for the snow though - she has talked about snow since last year at this time when it snowed in Tucson. We have O most of this weekend so the kids could have a snowball fight - then I will be supersad to be at work. I will have to have Keith take some good pictures.

Just a little rambling - nothing is really going on in my little life. Although I did actually cook dinner 2 nights in a row. If you know me that is really quite a feat!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Last year's Resolutions

Ok looking over my new year's resolutions from last year - surprisingly I did OK. I have spent more time outdoors - thanks to a husband who plans outdoor activities and then forces me to go along! Seriously, I went camping this year and that is more outdoors than I have done in like a decade. I am not committing to anymore camping in the near future - but I did go camping last July. I definitely watch less tv and play more legos as long as playing more legos means picking them up from all over the house. I have spent more money than I ever thought possible which is like the anti new year's resolution and I still don't eat vegetables. I was hoping to evaluate my new year's resolutions like 12 days ago and come up with new ones. I am a little late but it is the thought. I think my only new years resolution right now is to stay caught up with running a household without sacrificing time with kids. I don't know how in the world anyone can keep a clean house, work a 60 hour a week job and spend enough time with 2 (sometimes 3) kids. So, I think we all know which of those things is suffering! It took us 3 days to get to the grocery store for milk last week - poor L was going through ovaltine withdrawal it was no pretty. SO that is my one new years eve resolution to balance know go the grocery store and do laundry instead of spending 2 hours online looking at blogs and blogging....oops.


So I got an email about postplacement reports that is totally confusing. I hired an agency in Alabama to do my first 3 postplacement reports that require an agency and paid for it. I had my first one done and then I get an email that has this form I have to fill out and send to someone to interpret and then get notarized and mail to Kyrgyzstan. I have no idea if I need to have an agency do it or what. In addition to that one of the questions on the form I have to fill out is how am I educating Zeb about his kyrgyzstan heritage. He is 15 months old - he has some playing blocks with russian letters on them....that is about it. He has some felt toys from Tsum. Any ideas on ways to educate a 15 months old on his Kyrgyzstan heritage? And no I refuse to do anything that has to do with mare's milk!

In other adoption news, we are meeting with a lawyer to finally get zeb readopted in alabama. it actually is very easy to do the readoption in the county I live in. All I need to do is bring the forms to the county courthouse and copy them and give them to the clerk. She will send them to Montgomery and it is done. At least that is what she says. We are just going to use a lawyer because I think that the fact that all of my homestudy and background check was done in Arizona might throw a kink in the works....also, Keith is going to do a step parent adoption, and finally, even though he has been Zebastian in all of the paperwork I sent....his name was spelled with an S on all of his Kyrgyzstan adoption paperwork and we need to change it to a Z. It is hard to be "Z" and "Zeb" when your name is legally spelled with an S! So hopefully we can get all of that stuff done.

We are still counting the days until Alabama thinks we have been married long enough to be good parents so we can start our next homestudy - it would be nice if we can cut out the agency postplacements and apply that $670 to our homestudy - I am kind of keeping my fingers crossed about that!

I have been so busy - I checked my email today and had 340 unread messages. I can not believe how crazy busy the kyrgyzstan yahoo forum is. When I was in process I would check that forum 20 times a day jonesing for some PAP contact and it is sooooo hopping now I am just jealous! I suppose that also means there are a lot more people adopting from Kyrgyzstan which is awesome - but it seems the wait times have blown up too. I really had such a wonderfull experience I am so glad that more kids there will have opportunities to find families.

It is so funny, sometimes I am feeding Z and I can't believe he is here and that we have this little guy who was born so far away. Then I think how totally insane I was to start an adoption as a single mom working as a surgery intern living with my parents and really with no extra money except an old 401K. I was seriously delusional and somehow it all worked out sooooo wonderfully. The whole time I knew it would - even though there was absolutely no evidence of that! I guess going with your gut is sometimes a really good thing!

Christmas part 2

Ok this is the second half of Christmas. L wanted a baby alive soooooo bad. Can I tell you that every other sentence out of the baby alive's mouth is "i'm hungry" so L has to feed it the super staining baby food which is poop in like 5 minutes. It is really funny though to hear her tell everyone about how it is really eats and how she had a "diapee explosion". After about 2 hours when we had exhausted our 6 diapers I convinced L to feed it pretend food and water....that's right just like all her other dolls. I figure just knowing that it WILL poop - makes L happy.
We went to get her on Saturday the 29th from her dad's hous and drove there and back in one was an exhausting 12 hour day of driving fun for us and Zeb - but it was so worth it to have another Christmas morning on that Sunday.
We went to the zoo christmas safari which is a night time event with "snow". Which is some sort of shaved soap concoction that shoots out of a machine and turns into suds on the ground. Ironically, I think it actually was cold enough the night we went to the zoo for it to actually snow. We rode the carousel and the zoo train it was lots of fun and a little bit cold.

tagged part 2

A while ago I threw up my arms in desparation when faced with noting 100 interesting things about myself. I thought of 70. My sister was nice enough to add one in the comments sections. I had an ex-boyfriend in high school that spray painted my driveway and set it on fire. Although, I am sure it wasn't in a unabomber arsonist kind of way.

That made me think that perhaps there are people who read my blog who may know interesting things about me that I don't really think of as interesting things....if so....this is an open call for anyone who reads my blog who knows something interesting about me that I haven't listed. I really just need 29 more now.

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