Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas part 2

Ok this is the second half of Christmas. L wanted a baby alive soooooo bad. Can I tell you that every other sentence out of the baby alive's mouth is "i'm hungry" so L has to feed it the super staining baby food which is poop in like 5 minutes. It is really funny though to hear her tell everyone about how it is really eats and how she had a "diapee explosion". After about 2 hours when we had exhausted our 6 diapers I convinced L to feed it pretend food and water....that's right just like all her other dolls. I figure just knowing that it WILL poop - makes L happy.
We went to get her on Saturday the 29th from her dad's hous and drove there and back in one was an exhausting 12 hour day of driving fun for us and Zeb - but it was so worth it to have another Christmas morning on that Sunday.
We went to the zoo christmas safari which is a night time event with "snow". Which is some sort of shaved soap concoction that shoots out of a machine and turns into suds on the ground. Ironically, I think it actually was cold enough the night we went to the zoo for it to actually snow. We rode the carousel and the zoo train it was lots of fun and a little bit cold.

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