Sunday, January 20, 2008

junk food wards off evil spirits

I am pretty sure that getting a bunch of junk food Friday afternoon warded off the evil spirits of snowed in at work - ness. It didn't start snowing until I was half way to pick up L so we got to drive about an hour and 15 minutes in the snow. It snowed pretty hard but didn't stick to the ground. It stuck to the deck and the cars that hadn't been driven in a while. We stopped at McDonald's on our way home and opened up the sun roof for the snow to fall in the car - that was fun. It probably snowed about 2 hours and we had enough on our deck and swingset for about a 45 minute snowball fight. L was really tired and when the neighbor brushed all of the snow off of her slide she lost it and it was nap time. Z liked watching the snow - he stood up at the glass door and looked out laughing and pounding on the glass - but he was not so impressed with actual snow! Evidently it is cold!

Unfortunately it didn't snow enough on Saturday to keep me from heading back to work today. I had my fingers crossed that some poor sap would be stuck in my place and I would get the day off! Oh well - I will be post call tomorrow and that will be fun!


imtina said...

Pictures! We have to see pictures! We *might* see some snow here too, which makes us all very excited.


Michelle said...

I am such a loser - i didn't take any pictures. We did have fun though. We are definitely going to have to plan a snow vacation sometime in the near future! Nothing involving downhill anything though.

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