Friday, January 11, 2008

Last year's Resolutions

Ok looking over my new year's resolutions from last year - surprisingly I did OK. I have spent more time outdoors - thanks to a husband who plans outdoor activities and then forces me to go along! Seriously, I went camping this year and that is more outdoors than I have done in like a decade. I am not committing to anymore camping in the near future - but I did go camping last July. I definitely watch less tv and play more legos as long as playing more legos means picking them up from all over the house. I have spent more money than I ever thought possible which is like the anti new year's resolution and I still don't eat vegetables. I was hoping to evaluate my new year's resolutions like 12 days ago and come up with new ones. I am a little late but it is the thought. I think my only new years resolution right now is to stay caught up with running a household without sacrificing time with kids. I don't know how in the world anyone can keep a clean house, work a 60 hour a week job and spend enough time with 2 (sometimes 3) kids. So, I think we all know which of those things is suffering! It took us 3 days to get to the grocery store for milk last week - poor L was going through ovaltine withdrawal it was no pretty. SO that is my one new years eve resolution to balance know go the grocery store and do laundry instead of spending 2 hours online looking at blogs and blogging....oops.

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Suzanne said...

Michelle, I commend you on your new year's resolution! I, too, am aiming to achieve better balance in my life this year. Though I think I will choose to let my work suffer.


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