Friday, January 18, 2008


So it snowed here in Alabama a couple of nights ago. It is supposed to snow like 3 inches here tonight. I am on call tonight and Sunday and was warned today by a CRNA that the last time is snowed that much here she was stuck at the hospital for 3 days and they ran out of food. Not that I am an alarmist.....but I am making Keith stop by on his way home with a refrigerator full of food. I don't care about being stuck at work for 3 days, no clean clothes, even running out of toothpaste is ok with me....but I can not stand the idea of empty vending machines and no hope of junk food. No - that I can't tolerate!

L is on her way home right now - If I am stuck at the hospital for 3 days I will be so sad to miss her coming home. I am glad she will be home for the snow though - she has talked about snow since last year at this time when it snowed in Tucson. We have O most of this weekend so the kids could have a snowball fight - then I will be supersad to be at work. I will have to have Keith take some good pictures.

Just a little rambling - nothing is really going on in my little life. Although I did actually cook dinner 2 nights in a row. If you know me that is really quite a feat!

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