Monday, February 18, 2008

Pity party is over!

I just read Suzanne's blog and it reminded me that life is good. I have been so tired and overworked lately it is a little easy to forget how super awesome my life really is right now. I have been putting in so many extra hours at work for the moonlighting money I forgot how awesome my job really is. Part of the reason I am so excited about my job is that I have the opportunity to moonlight and make extra money....but I love getting off at 3pm and heading home too!

So thank you Suzanne for reminding me that I am very happy with my life and thank you valentines day for left over half price chocolates....I think those helped too.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I am a terrible mom and wife

Ok it is time to fess up. I am a terrible mom....ok I don't really think I am a terrible mom but I can't help but compare myself to my mom. There are many times I ask myself "what would my mom do?" and I know that she would do the good mom thing and I am just tooooo tired to do it.
Tonight, I finished with work at 6 and could have totally made it to O's boy scout meeting. Keith was there with all of the kids. I know my mom would have gone to the boy scout meeting. I came home and took a long bath and ate a baked potato and some toast and jelly and now I am blogging. The house is quiet. L should be in bed 11 minutes ago and if I had gone to the boy scout meeting I woud have left and have tucked her into bed 11 minutes ago. Now she is going to be tired and get into trouble tomorrow. A good mom would have prevented that.

L also has a valentines day lunch at school on wednesday - but I am on call and won't be able to make it. A good mom would have found someone to switch call's with her...however, I have a dr's appt on Thursday that can't be changed so I have to have to have to be post call on Thursday.

Zeb hasn't been to the opthalmologist yet....I know that is totally terrible - I have made 3 appts and had to cancel them all. I am terrible but I just can't do it all. He also has another ear infection and Keith lost the antibiotic prescription and I didn't get a chance to call the pediatrician today to have them call it in.

I never get up with Zeb at night - Yeah he sleeps all night almost every single night.....but he didn't last night and Keith got up with him while I slept. Good moms get up with their babies.

This is a scary thing I should probably add to the list of 100 interesting facts about me .... Keith and I have not had 24 hours alone together ever...except for the plane trip to Kyrgyzstan....and since we shared it with the rest of the plane I am not sure it counts!

I did clean the house and mop the floors on Sunday which was a small miracle...but now the sunday dinner pans are stacked up on the counter where they will stay until tomorrow unless a little sprite breaks into my house and scrubs them.

L's dad wants her to come visit this weekend which means I have to spend 4 house on Saturday morning driving her half way to new orleans and 4 house on Monday afternoon driving half way to pick her up....I just don't feel like I can do it. A good mom would do it happily without complaint so that her daughter could spend time with her dad.

I love my job - but working extra hours is wearing me out! On that note I am going to drag myself to bed!

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