Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I am a terrible mom and wife

Ok it is time to fess up. I am a terrible mom....ok I don't really think I am a terrible mom but I can't help but compare myself to my mom. There are many times I ask myself "what would my mom do?" and I know that she would do the good mom thing and I am just tooooo tired to do it.
Tonight, I finished with work at 6 and could have totally made it to O's boy scout meeting. Keith was there with all of the kids. I know my mom would have gone to the boy scout meeting. I came home and took a long bath and ate a baked potato and some toast and jelly and now I am blogging. The house is quiet. L should be in bed 11 minutes ago and if I had gone to the boy scout meeting I woud have left and have tucked her into bed 11 minutes ago. Now she is going to be tired and get into trouble tomorrow. A good mom would have prevented that.

L also has a valentines day lunch at school on wednesday - but I am on call and won't be able to make it. A good mom would have found someone to switch call's with her...however, I have a dr's appt on Thursday that can't be changed so I have to have to have to be post call on Thursday.

Zeb hasn't been to the opthalmologist yet....I know that is totally terrible - I have made 3 appts and had to cancel them all. I am terrible but I just can't do it all. He also has another ear infection and Keith lost the antibiotic prescription and I didn't get a chance to call the pediatrician today to have them call it in.

I never get up with Zeb at night - Yeah he sleeps all night almost every single night.....but he didn't last night and Keith got up with him while I slept. Good moms get up with their babies.

This is a scary thing I should probably add to the list of 100 interesting facts about me .... Keith and I have not had 24 hours alone together ever...except for the plane trip to Kyrgyzstan....and since we shared it with the rest of the plane I am not sure it counts!

I did clean the house and mop the floors on Sunday which was a small miracle...but now the sunday dinner pans are stacked up on the counter where they will stay until tomorrow unless a little sprite breaks into my house and scrubs them.

L's dad wants her to come visit this weekend which means I have to spend 4 house on Saturday morning driving her half way to new orleans and 4 house on Monday afternoon driving half way to pick her up....I just don't feel like I can do it. A good mom would do it happily without complaint so that her daughter could spend time with her dad.

I love my job - but working extra hours is wearing me out! On that note I am going to drag myself to bed!


Shannon said...

If you're a terrible mom, that means I am, too. In my opinion the fact that you understand your limits and realize that you cannot do it all but still want to makes you an awesome mom!

Canda said...

Thank you, Michelle, for remembering all the good things I did and not remembering the not so good ones - and there were a lot.
To me a good mom is one who loves her kids unconditionally - all through life. There are times when a good mom can pick up the slack and times when a good dad needs to do that. There are times when we are tired and overwhelmed (like in residency) and others need to help out and there will be times for that to be repayed. None of us are perfect - you sound like you have put me pretty close, thanks. Don't ask Dad for his opinion on that. I do appreciate how you think of me though, thank you. You have made my day!

Canda said...

Here is a message from Dad.
Your kids get more quality parenting from you than most kids ever get at all. You should feel good about the things that you do when you can and quit worrying about what you cannot do. No one is better at loving them than you are.

Marnie said...

Michelle, I'm in the boat with you. I've had 3 days off since I brought Jyly home. When we grew up, Dad was always gone and we spent all our time with Mom. Times have changed and both parents fill the roll. Personally, I think it's a change for the better. Don't beat youself up. Your kids know that you love them.

Christine said...

Thanks for the honesty, None of us are perfect. I think Canda summed it up best!

Hilary Marquis said...

You are not a bad mom, you're a busy mom! I sleep in on Saturdays and Tim getts up with the kids and makes pancakes. Toby was having bad dreams last night and I finally gave up on convincing him there was nothing in his room and sent daddy in. You're doing an awesome job at being a wife, mommy & Dr. I only have to be a mommy and I still feel like I am messing up all the time! the house???...OH YEAH! That thing I do before the homestudy visits! *hahaha* The little tornados just destroy it immmediately, I have decided it is futile.

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