Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alabama still sucking!

We went to the lawyer today to talk about changing Z's name to actually have a Z in it, to readopt him and for Keith to adopt him. Turns out, DHR in alabama won't let us readopt him as a married couple because we haven't been married a year.....OMG how retarded! We will have to get a new homestudy after august with like all the bells and whistles....So we will be getting Z's social security stuff with his name misspelled!
L is visiting her dad in New Orleans still and it is sooooo quiet without her here! UGG - he is bringing her back on Monday - I can't wait.


Suzanne said...

Alabama is stupid.


imtina said...

Hey Michelle!!

omg, I'm so lame in not being current with you. Yippee being pregnant! Yippee even for the white minivan!!!

Does alabama allow moms to NOT drive a minivan? See, you're just protecting yourself.

Zeb is so flippin cute.

Sending you a big hug and another Sorry for not checking in lately.

You look adorable!


Marissa said...

Wow... August is going to be crazy busy for your clan. Let me know if you want us to take L for a week... Is would love it!

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