Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hard Core fatherhood

Unfortunately, I only have a mental picture instead of a real one to share here. I am on call today and Keith is home with just Z. He decided that today they are going to buy all of the lumber to build the crazy behemoth built in shelving in the playroom. He has already bought out the white coated boards from one Lowe's and is hitting at least one other one in town today.

I just talked to him and he told me that he has Z in the backpack ( from the hiking picture) and is loading up lumber onto the big stuff dolly at the store and pushing it around.

Evidently, a couple with a child a little younger than Z walked by and the woman nudged the man and said something like "look, you can get stuff done while you are watching him...see".

I just wish I had a picture of Keith with Z in the backpack pulling out giant constuction-y things.


Amy said...

This is the first time I've ever responded to a "blog". :) I, too, live in AL and think certain things, especially regarding adoption, are retarded! I am single and have been researching my adoption options for months. I'm in the middle of the homestudy process (fun). Let me just say that you are very brave to tackle international adoption... it scares me senseless. I had narrowed it down to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and then started hearing some scary stories from social workers regarding Kaz. I was told that they would not recommend anyone starting a new process in Kaz. Right now my thinking is to complete the homestudy and look to adopt privately/independently. It is the very unlikely road, but maybe miracles do happen. Enjoyed reading your stories. Congrats on your beautiful beautiful pumpkin.

Shannon said...

Love it - you have very manly men in your life!!

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