Sunday, March 16, 2008


The weather was officially beautiful today! L is in New Orleans and went to a crawfish boil and St Patrick's day parade - while we didn't get to do anything that fun...we did go hiking at one of the parks. As you can see Zeb loves riding in the back pack. I am about to be even more outnumbered by boys! I tried to post pinewood derby pictures.... Keith won 2nd in the adult division, O won 2nd in the wolf division and L was 2nd in the sibling was a clean sweep. O went to the division race this saturday and got first in the wolf division so he gets a special invitation to the state competition. I feel like the pinewood derby will never end. Keith told me they are having an "unlimited derby" whatever that August. So literally the pinewood derby never ends. I will somehow survive.


Shannon said...

I cannot BELIEVE how Zeb has changed - he is totally a little boy, now! Keep the pictures coming!

Suzanne said...

Those are some fine lookin' men in your life.

Oh, and thanks for the gear advice on my blog!


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