Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lazy, lazy, lazy and fat

So we are in the active phase of figuring out our taxes and I suck. I haven't gotten Zeb a social security card or readopted him in the US yet. Since we did the two trips he is already an american citizen - i just haven't gotten his social security card. I was waiting because we were going to officially change his name. Even though I intended his name to be spelled with a Z and filled out all of the paperwork with a Z - when we picked him up everything had it spelled with an S. I figured when we readopted him we would also change the spelling of his name. Hence, I decided to wait to get the social security card. However, now our accountant is telling us that we can't claim him as a dependent or get the adoption tax credit unless we have a social security number for him. I know it isn't going to be that difficult to go get - but I never have any time for anything uggg - especially during the week.
I am on call tonight and tomorrow we have a bunch of appointments and somehow I have to squeeze in a trip to the social security office and fill out the form with the supporting documents. I suppose life isn't any fun unless it is a challenge!

In other news - I am officially a hammy fat ass. none of my clothes fit me - not even my scrubs.....and that is bad. Although, since I do have experience in the maternity clothes shopping arena I know better than to actually try to go to the mall and look for clothes. There is nothing more depressing than looking at those clothes. When I was pregnant with L, I literally started crying in Dillards because all of the maternity clothes were soooo ugly. The gap maternity and novelty tshirts at cafepress are the only way to go! However, I am so overworked and lazy, i will keep wearing my scrubs until they look like maternity half shirts.


Marissa said...

So... you will be spelling his name with an S... meaning we can't call him Zeb anymore?

Jackie said...

Don't you hate when you feel you can't get everything done?? I say, get his SS card now, and deal with the readoption after. Then you can do the name change, etc. and get a new SS card reflecting the correct name.

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