Sunday, March 30, 2008

A lot can happen in a year

It seems so funny that one year ago today I got Z's referral. Then a year ago tomorrow I turned it down. It is wonderfull how the universe or God or whatever it is works to put families together. I looked back at my emails and laughed at my hesitation in so many aspects of my life. I will take this moment to point out some of my misguided trepidation.....
1. Z's referral (ok he is like the happiest most wonderful kid in the world - I am in no way biased)
2. Keith - who is now my husband and one year ago I was telling him he couldn't call me his "future girl friend" because that was moving too fast.
So just to enumerate all of the changes in my life in the last year......
1. Z came home
2. I moved to Alabama and started a new job
3. I got married (and now knocked up!)
4. I got a minivan (ouch)

I have had a good year - lots of changes....but I think everyone I love is happier for them. I think it will settle down for a while!

Developmental update on Z - while he is still not walking he is soooo close. He stands up by himself in the middle of the room and balances there and throws his hands above his head like a gymnast planting a dismount and hollers for someone to clap for him - then throws himself down. It is very funny. Everyday when we pick him up at the nanny's we expect to hear that he took his first step. He has IA clinic 6 month follow up in 2 weeks so it will be interesting to see how he fares! I also have a week of vacation in 2 weeks and can't wait. I am taking a spa day at the bed and breakfast we had our wedding at.....facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, hot stone treatment (whatever that is!) and some lunch. Keith got it for me for my birthday in September and I am finally using it! Come on 2 weeks!


Jackie said...

What a difference a year makes :)

Shannon said...

Crazy, isn't it. I remember many frantic emails exchanged - it all seems a little silly to me now. A year ago I was planning our trip to pick up E and if you'd have told me then that in 1 year we'd be in the process again I'd have thought you were nuts! It's been fun watching our families grow. Lord knows I can't keep up with you though:)!

Michelle said...

I am so excited for you shannon - i am worried that when we are ready to go back to kyrgyzstan the wait will be longer than china!!!!

Suzanne said...

Michelle, you crammed more into one year than most people cram into a lifetime. Good for you!

So, you're thinking you might go back to Kyrg someday?


janiece said...

Welcome to the minivan club! Makes transportation of multiple kids a lot easier!
I know--isn't it wild how one year can just change everything??!!

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