Friday, March 14, 2008

Time flies

I can' believe how long it has been since I posted something here. I guess there hasn't really been anything going on. Z is still not walking...but he is getting so close. He plays so well - he loves balls and pushing trucks around. He fills them up with just about anything and pushes them into the other room and then unloads them. It is pretty funny. L is adjusting really well to all of the changes she has had in her life in the last year. She has her moments of totally losing it. ..don't we all? I know I do.
We have all been sick the last week and I have been working extra shifts for some extra money. We bought a mini van this week....oh the horror! To further compound the is white. I do not mean to offend anyone who may have chosen a white minivan....but white cars just don't match my 23 year old punk rock free spirit that I still believe I am (much to contrary to every single aspect of my life right now!)
Why might you ask are we getting a minivan now? I suppose it is time to fess up. I am pregnant - not the exciting paper kind - but the nauseated, gaining weight, back pain kind. Of course this is exciting too, it was just a little unexpected. I in no way want to perpetuate the myth of getting pregnant after adopting. Fertility was never involved in my reasons for adopting Zeb. In fact, I have experienced a lot of guilt over my pregnancy. I know other people have adopted while pregnant or with itty bitty babies at home - but I just don't think I can go that route. So once again, there will be a longer delay for our next adoption. I was sooo looking forward to starting it. I know there is a bigger plan and that everything works out the way it is supposed to.....but I am so jealous ( in a good way!) of my friend Shannon who is just now starting her second adoption. We went through our first together. If you are interested in helping out her fundraising effort - check out the Shannon's blog on my links!
I am going to post embarassing pictures of our new minivan soon - oh the horror!


LaJoy Family said...

HAhahaha! Join the club, we have not one but TWO minivans...and yes, one of them is white! It was our first one as well, and I'll admit that even though I was excited about having a family, the whole minivan thing didn't do much for me :-) I laugh now because when it came time to shop for another car, I insisted it be a minivan because I have grown to love it's practicality. Just slap some cool pinstriping on yours, tint the windows, and cracnk up the stereo and you'll still feel cool! Hahahaha!

Amira said...

Congratulations (on the pregnancy, not the minivan)!

Suzanne said...

Michelle, congratulations! That is really happy news. But I actually do understand the conflicting emotions you're feeling. You get your head and your heart in this one place, this adoption place, and it's hard to switch gears, no matter what good fortune might cause that switch. Try hard not to feel guilty. It's such a useless emotion. You're not taking anything away from anyone. I'm thrilled for you.

I wish I could say the same about the minivan.


Jackie said...

I was just thinking, 'I wonder what's going on with Michelle?'. Wow. That is some news. Congrats. Woo hoo. And all that good stuff!!!

Enjoy and I look forward to following this next journey!!!

Brand New Mama said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy Michelle ~ you lucky girl! Well you are jealous of Shannon and I am jealous of you! Pregnant and a minivan...
Aah...the good life!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Congrats on the pregnancy news! I never thought I would drive a minivan either, but you end up doing crazy things for kids!

MP3 e MP4 said...
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