Monday, April 28, 2008

drum roll please!

This weekend it finally happened.....Z started walking. He just takes a couple of steps at a time. I expected that when he finally started walking he would just take off like a little whirlwind, but he is very trepidatious about walking. He still likes to crawl a lot and he loves to push the little kid chairs around like a walker. We should probably put them up before he hurts himself. He is walking more and more each day.

I decided to let L stay at her dad's another week. I am selfish...I wanted her to be ready to come home. It sucks to pick up your daughter that you haven't seen in a week and have her say that she wants to stay at daddy's house. So I asked her if she wanted to stay another week and she said there it is. Today, I got a call early in the afternoon from her dad and he said she wanted to come home. She didn't miss me....she missed her school and her friends. I'll take what I can get though. If she is missing something I am doing something right I suppose! She said she missed going to school where she could practice writing and do her homework. Now if we can keep her that excited about school!

She enrolls in kindergarten on May 14th. She has her end of school party that day too. Keith and I are both taking off of work to go to the party and go enroll her. I have to say that I was really surprised and excited when Keith told me he wanted to take the day off and go with us to the party and to registration day. He actually just kind of mentioned it as if it was a total no brainer that we would all go as a family. I guess I am so very used to going it alone I just assume that I will do those things alone (you know what they say about when you assume). It is really nice to have someone to really share your life with...I know I am still a newleywed...cut me some slack!

I promise I am going to post pictures in the next week.....words are soooo boring.


Jackie said...

Congrats on Z walking...yayyy, Z!!!

Shannon said...

Gooooo Z!! Be glad that he is cautious - my little daredevil looks the entirely opposite direction as he RUNS instead of walks. I'm pretty sure he is made of rubber because so far (fingers crossed) no major injuries from all the falls and crashes. :)

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