Saturday, April 19, 2008

I love TV marathons!

So L is at her dad's for the next week, Keith and O are on a boyscout trip and I wore Z out and he hit bed without a peep at 630. So I am depressed, lonely and saved from moping by an NCIS marathon on USA network!

Since my last visit to the IAP made me feel like the biggest loser mom ever - in addition to doing baby pilates with Z we have been working on baby signs. Z now will sign for more and for eat. I should have totally worked on baby signs before not for any practical, developmental reason - but because he is soooooo unbelievably cute when his little pudgy hands sign and his little smiley face just lights up in a huge smile in anticipation of more food! That boy likes food A LOT!

Tomorrow is my official last day of vacation and then I have to go back to work....I am really dreading it. I haven't been very productive on my vacation so I am probably a more productive member of society going to work everyday - but it was nice to sleep in until like 630 every morning. Tomorrow I am hoping to sleep in until like 10. Z is my late sleeper most mornings.

This really is a post about nothing since I suddenly have so much time this evening and a complete aversion to actually cleaning my disgusting kitchen (bad mom!).

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